Monday, July 9, 2007

Where for art thou Vanilla Caramel?

After not having a morning coffee for about 2 weeks (with the exceptions of Sunday mornings), I woke up this morning unable to lift my face from the mattress. I forced myself out of bed to open my ADORABLE Dirty Job's bedroom door, where he was happily playing with some toys ~ just keeping busy until someone set him free.

He and I came downstairs where I immeadiately grabbed him some milk and promptly laid down on the couch, which is where I remained for the next hour. Then I got up and made some coffee (and pancakes). It was a joyous moment when I poured my fat free french vanilla half and half into my mug and then topped it off with coffee. The smell was so delicious. It all went sour when I had my first sip.

Apparently, I have become a coffee creamer snob. Typically I get sugar free vanilla caramel cream, but WalMart doesn't sell it and it's practically $4 at Albertsons, and those are the only places I have been grocery shopping lately, except for Sprout's. So I ha picked up the fffv half and half thinking it would do the job and still be low points. NOT EVEN CLOSE. I couldn't even finish my cup of coffee. Dirty Job, who is ALL about the coffee, only took two sips. Somethings are worth splurging on...


CPT Mom said...

Definitely splurge!

(Not to mention: If Dirty Jobs won't drink it, you know it ain't good :)