Tuesday, July 10, 2007

...weighing in

I feel good about how the past 2 weeks went. I did well with drinking water. I did not meet my goal of exercise 4 times a week, but I did get in 3 times last week. I bought a new DVD targeting specific areas. I hope this helps me to see more results. I also realized that I did not feel the urge to eat my feelings as much this week...and I had plenty of opportunities to do so. Yeah for progress!

Goals for this week.
1. Continue drinking more water.
2. Increase activity.

2 week loss:- 2.2 lbs
Total loss: -14.8 lbs


Mama Bear June said...

Great job on the weight loss!
Path to Health

Amy said...

WTG! And you have very good goals-- reasonable, yet productive. Good luck this week!

LessOfUs said...

Excellent job, my friend. Major Hunk is going to have a wife that looks AND feels sexy for R and R. So proud of you. Let's workout together soon.

Robin said...

Good for you!! You are doing a great job at this!