Saturday, July 21, 2007

I love God

I have been walking around defeated this week. As you could tell by my last post, this has been a trying week, month... 14 months really. After I published my last post, I grabbed my Bible, my caffeine and began searching the house for an empty journal...I know I have a few around here. Of course, I didn't find one, but I did find a journal from Dec. 2002. This was a time in my life so different than today. I only got about 2 days in when I stumbled upon some scriptures I had noted that had meaning to me that day. I looked a couple of them up. James 1. Suddenly, I was struck. This is just what I needed to hear for today. God, that is so like You. You can take something that seems unrelated and use it for today. I am reminded that even though our circumstances change Your Word is ALWAYS the same. I am struck how Your Word is so personal that it speaks to each situation differently. It is not just a blanket covering..."see here for times of discouragement, see here for times of joy", but it is a personal love letter that you use to speak to each of your children differently based on our needs. You know each of our personalities and you use that knowledge to speak to us each in a unique way. A specific scripture that comforts me may speak differently to another. Lord, I strive to model my relationships after yours. May I not use blanket statements, but through Your guidance, reach out to each individual based on their unique personality and needs.
God, this encounter with you today was small but mighty. Thank you.
Isn't God cool??


LessOfUs said...

Yay for God's love letter. And thanks for speaking it's individualism. I needed that reminder! Hugs to you, dear friend of mine. You, Major Hunk and Cutie are in my prayers...Sis Grimm type prayers!