Thursday, July 5, 2007

Weighing in

Let me begin by saying I did not weigh in this week. I still wanted to check in and post my progress this far. I think that if I get it all written down, I will have something to look back on to chart my progress. I have exercised this week and I am planning to continue that 4 times a week. I have also continued to drink more water. I know this is vital not only for my weight loss, but for my health in this scorching heat.

Starting weight: 188.4
As of last week: 175.8
Total weight loss: -12.6
14 weeks.

*I just realized...I am now below my pre-pregnancy weight. Yippee!


Arguments With Reality said...

Good for you! But remember you are perfect and whole just the way you are. Even if you don't lose an ounce. Enjoy yourself.

LessOfUs said...