Monday, July 16, 2007

Proceed with caution

I agree with the Amazing was a crazy week! I have been trying to take it all in through my sleep-deprived brain. Warning: This post will probably be random and scattered all over the place. If you chose to read on, remember, I warned you :)

The third freak had her baby. He is beautiful and amazing. He, of course, loves to spend time cuddling with me...ok, it may be the other way around, but whatever. A new life always gets me thinking about the sovereignty of God. He builds a complex human inside of our bodies. He knits them together as only the perfect God could. If a human had to do it, it would take decades of research and billions of dollars...not to mention innumerable failed attempts. With this latest addition, the Freak Show has reached it's limit before we moms are officially out-numbered...6 kids and 6 arms.

I have been faced with a few situations this week where I wonder what God's plan is in the midst of it. I believe that He knows all. I believe that He works it together for good. I have sat on the other end of enough difficulties that I know I can look back and see the blessings. I am thankful for this, so I can have the perspective that whatever happens will reap blessings in the end. When it involves someone you love deeply, perspective is helpful. It still makes my heart hurt.

I miss my husband. It has been 7 months since I have been able to feel his embrace, to see him in 3-D. It has been 14 months total since he has lived in our home. I know that God has a plan and purpose for this. I am so thankful. I miss my husband anyway.

I spent the night and day with the Racer's kids while she was headed up to camp to bless the socks off some really super girls. They are precious. I am so grateful that she allows me to be a part of their lives. What Not to Wear is so full of love and joy that she can hardly contain herself. She loves all over my girl and nothing steals a mom's heart faster than that. And, since her latest birthday, she is so big that she can now be trusted to "watch" my 18 month old and 3 year old niece...or so she told me. I love that girl's confidence! Dirty Jobs is a complex mix of energy and softness. He can be a whirlwind and in a split second stop on a dime and gently place a binky in the Cutie's mouth. His love for my truck immediately reminds me of Major Hunk. I am sure they will bond over this in the future. He does all things with passion. Watching him develop and celebrating his daily accomplishments brings me great joy.

So, like I said...this is all over the place. So, thanks to both of you who may read this for letting me ramble on.


LessOfUs said...

Who is the 6th kid? We aren't outnumbered yet! Of course, Dirty Job probably needs two hands to hold on to to be at his highest potential of self control.

CPT Mom said...

You are right...I don't know how to count!!
I guess it just seems like more, huh?