Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Scales Says....

I don't know when the last time I posted about my weight was. I remember the last time I weighed myself I was up from the week before, but I seriously need to document the ups and the downs. Life will have them, so I need to acknowledge it! Anyhoo, here's where I'm at:

Starting weight: 168

Current weight: 134.5

Total Weight Loss: 33.5 lbs

I have 4.5 lbs to go to reach my goal weight. That's exciting for me. When I began this journey I wanted the weight off, be healthy was secondary to being thin. Now I appreciate the strength my body has gained as it has lost some of the excess weight. I enjoy exercising, even when it's not running. I carve out the time to do the work, and when I fall short I don't throw in the towel for the day/week/month/life. I still have a long way to go in this journey. But I am so thankful for all of the insight that I have gained thus far.

Captain Mom and I are lookin good, people!

Goals for the Week:
#1: Get new running shoes. Before I injure myself.
#2: Eliminate some sweets from my home. Not all, some.
#3: Remeasure myself. Cpt Mom and I measured ourselves back in February, and I'd like to see the progress I've made in inches!

Weighing in...

Well, another week passes and we are another week closer to the Major Hunk's arrival. Sorry, you have to endure the countdown with truly is the most exciting thing in my life right now. It is a lot like planning a wedding. All the excitement and giddiness of getting to be with the one you love. Anyway...I digress.

Weigh in today:

Beginning weight: 188.4
Current weight: 167.6
This week: -1.2

Total weight lost: -20.8

I finally hit the 20 lb mark...yeah!!

Goals for this week:
Allow my foot to heal so I can get running again. Continue pilates and walking.
Continue tracking all of my points.
Drink water, water, water (have I said this for the past 20 weeks??)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Growing Pains

Well, I suppose my friends and family are sick of hearing this, but, my Cutie is SO big. I have been saying this for like a year now, and I am sure that I will continue to feel this way as she breezes through toddlerhood. Sometimes, I find myself watching her and it almost hurts to see her maturing, changing and transforming from a baby to a little girl. I am really mourning it. I was unable to figure out why. I am really loving this stage. Minus the screaming tantrums, no's and the new pinching/biting/hitting, I really enjoy seeing her do new things. I love the new stage of interaction we have. The way our relationship is changing and developing.

I have been thinking about it this week and I think I have it figured out. My heart is mourning the fact that her daddy is missing it all. It is so bittersweet to send him pictures and videos of all her new milestones. He loves hearing about her and seeing her, but it just makes him miss home so much more. The infant stage is not my husband's favorite. He was ok when he missed the rolling over, sitting up, I think even the crawling and walking were fun for him to see in pictures and videos. But, honestly, I don't think was overly sad that he was missing it. (Now, don't get me wrong here...he missed it, it just wasn't on the same level.) But, the language development, the running, playing, interacting...these are tough. This is the time when he really starts to think that kids are fun. Each time he calls and I have her talk to him or he sees her on the webcam he asks, "When did that happen?" With each video I send of a skill she couldn't master last week, he asks, "When did that happen?" It breaks my heart. I am tempted to not tell him and let him be surprised when he sees her next month. I have prayed more than anything that the Lord will allow them to have a strong connection despite the separation they have lived throughout most of her life. That they will "know" one another. That they would know the little details of what makes them distinctly who each one of them are. I have felt it impressed upon my spirit over and over that in order to do that, I have to share. I share with him the little things: her attention to detail, her love of running and spinning circles, how she seems to think that she is as big as all her friends (who are years older), her incredible balance, and her desire to have all things fair-for everyone, not just herself. These are some of the many things that make her uniquely her. I also share with her who her daddy is. How much he loves and misses her. How much he loves me. How he loves and misses his truck (If you know him, you know this is true:). I tell her about things he likes and ways that she is like him throughout our days.

As I press through this stage, I simultaneously smile as I think of them reunited and cry a little as I imagine his heart breaking wide open when he sees her and the reality of all he has missed in her short little life hits him. So, if you overhear someone ask me how old she is, don't be surprised by the hesitation in my answer. I have not forgotten how old she is, I am all too aware. It's just that I really do struggle to say she is "almost two".

Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Week in the Life of the Racer

- Monday: Organized bathroom sinks and medicine cabinets. Not mine, of course, but someone Else's. Someone who pays me to do it. At my house, these things may never get done.

- Tuesday: Went to a bridal shower. Yummy food. Went and had gelato afterwards. Peed my pants in the parking lot from laughing so hard with Cpt Mom and her bff.

-Wednesday: Had Dirty Jobs follow up IFSP meeting. His coordinator thinks he's smart and possibly gets bored easily. We wrote some great, practical goals for him which made me hip, hip happy.

- Thursday: Directed a wedding rehearsal. Chaotic craziness at best. Bride still had a ton of things to buy and arrange before Saturday. I offered to help 872 times between that day and the past, oh, year or so.

- Friday: Found a pair of size 4 jeans that fit me for $10.99. I bought them and refrained from making them into a shrine. Cpt Mom suggested I leave the tags on, to share my PURE JOY with the world. These jeans are a fluke in the size, but they say 4 and I'm tellin anyone who will listen. And even if they don't want to, I'm still sharin the news.

- Saturday: Ran, Starbuck'd, compiled wedding music for way behind bride. Set up ceremony decor and reception decor, change into a pretty dress, did my makeup and had fun. I brought sexy back and chicken danced. I even did my signature dance move, which is quite a sight to see. I also exercised some self control by not bringing a gun to the ceremony, which is more than I can say for some other guest...the excellent thing that resulted from that mishap is that I was really drawn towards the throne room for the bride and groom because of that incident. Had there not been a breakout fight, I would not have lifted them up in prayer after their reception. They are heavy on my heart tonight, and I will be reminded to cover them in prayer over the next week as they enjoy a much needed honeymoon. More on this wedding later. Because there is the oh so important picture retake to talk about.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Change is a-comin'

All right. I want it to be known that I practiced some self-control today. No, not at the wedding where I ate the Chicken Cordon Bleu and mashed potatoes AND the cake. Definitely not there. Earlier. After our run this morning the Racer and I stopped for our Starbucks Light. Only they didn't make mine light. It was the one with the full-on calories. I had already sipped the triple chocolate goodness when the Racer informed me that mine was not made light...bummer. Did I want her to take it back for me?? Um, no. (This is obviously, still not the part about self control, but stay tuned.)

Here it is. I pulled into Target and after drinking less than half of my grande triple chocolate frappaccino, I threw it away. Threw it away, people!! I did exchange it for some Cherry Coke Zero. Now, you know, I am a big fan of the Cherry Coke Zero for sure. But, come on, there is not even a little chocolate in it which puts it in a whole different class.

So, these were my big accomplishments for the day: Throwing away afore mentioned deliciousness, trading it in for a much lower calorie choice even though it ranked much lower on the yummyness scale and walking/running 4 miles today. I even wore a new dress to the wedding and I felt much more like a woman than just a mom. Excellent.

Thursday, September 20, 2007's been quite the journey, this improved health lifestyle. I keep thinking I've mastered some skills, and sure enough, they come back and bite me in the butt. These past six months are proving to be part of a long process. That shouldn't surprise me because it did take me 30 years to get that way...there is no quick fix.

I've realized that as I get closer to my goal weight, I am not as pleased as I thought I'd be with how my body looks. I think I had some unrealistic expectations. In an effort to be aware of my body image in a positive manner, I thought I'd note some shout outs that I'd like to throw out for my bod.

- Thanks for carrying my 2 babies. This is truly THE BEST thing you have ever done. Nothing could top that. Except carrying a third at a smaller size so I can wear those ADORABLE tight prego tops.

- Ladies, you nourished my kids. You endured soreness. You made it through being engorged. Not all ladies can do that, ya know.

- Hips, you don't lie, that's for darn sure. But you made it possible to birth those kids that I love so much. You also make me shaped like a woman. I like that I have curves.

-Stomach. You are flatter and firmer these days...I can feel the muscle behind you, omentum. You have stretched out when needed and bounced back when it was time. Way to be flexible.

- Arms. You have bicep definition...That is amazing. And even before that, you hold my kiddos. You allow me the strength to pick them up to comfort them. You provide me a way to embrace my husband. You are strong enough to push Dirty Jobs in the jogging stroller. THAT is STRONG.

- Thighs. You are the least forgiving area of my body. You are the part that's hardest to love. And yet, you carry me through the miles of jogging and walking week after week. You are slowly building up, and I am going to grow my patience and keep my resolve on treating you better by strengthening you and challenging you. You have helped me complete a half marathon. That's a long run!!!

I'm hoping this list will be one I reference back to on days when I feel fat or unbeautiful. Or like I want to blow $100,000 on plastic surgery. I want to appreciate and acknowledge the purposes this body, MY body has served, and will continue to serve. I hope to one day look in the mirror and love my body. Not because it's perfect, but because I have seen it for what God has made it to be.


Monday, September 17, 2007

Tales From the Scales

We have been participating in the Tales From the Scales May Day Challenge around here. In fact, if I remember correctly, this is what prompted us to begin this blog in the first place. Well, the May Day Challenge is over and they are hosting a new challenge: Look Great in 2008. I love it. I love the name and I love the whole idea behind it. The other challenge seemed to be more of a one time goal, this is making improvements for life. I have enjoyed the extra accountability knowing that I am going to post about my journey here. I enjoy receiving the comments from others and checking out their journey as well. They also have lots of good recipes and other good stuff throughout the week.

If you read here, as I know both of you do, you have traveled with me in the past months as I have walked out this journey. I have learned many lessons. Often times, I relearn the same lesson the next week...but, anyway. More than anything, I have enjoyed being able to be real and honest here. This is the first place I have ever stated how much I weigh. It was then that I was truly able to decide that the number was not the most important thing for me. It has been incredibly freeing to know that as I stumble and trip that others are on the same path. They may be further ahead or behind, but we are all on the same path. I love that. I think the most important lesson I have learned thus far is that I want to create healthy life habits. I do not want to be on a "diet". I can not live my life under strict guidelines of what I can NEVER eat again.

My goals when I began in May were to lose weight and be thinner. It didn't fall off like I had hoped it would, but frankly, I didn't work all that hard some weeks either. This time, my goal is different. I want to create a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I want to have a lifestyle that allows me to live life. I want to eat healthy food and exercise regularly, not only because it will result in weight loss, but because I want to look and be healthy. I want to see my life choices reflected in my daughter's life. I want her to live a healthy and balanced life. By healthy and balanced, I mean so much more than just diet and exercise. I hope that I can throw off the shackles of emotional eating and hiding behind the fat and live a freer, more passionate life. Oh, and I want to wear a bikini someday :)

Last May Day weigh in:

Beginning weight: 188.4
Current weight: 168.8
This week: -2.6

Total weight lost: -19.6

Randomness and Friendship

I have lots of things swirling in my head and so many things I want to write about. But, since it happens to be 4:28am, I am going to go ahead and blog about something that doesn't take too much brain power.

Some fabulous friends took me out this weekend for my birthday. If you know us as a group, you would find us amusing, if you don't know us, you would probably find us annoying. Anyway... It was an ordeal just trying to figure out what we were going to do. For the first few attempts, I am not sure if we even know who was making the plans. It was just kind of a hodge podge of ideas thrown out. Anyway, I digress. Ultimately, the Racer took the lead and planned a fun girl's night out for us. We were meeting at her house at 4:30 to take off for our evening. At 3:30 she called me to inform me that the restaurant I had chosen had apparently closed down and no longer existed. This made me laugh. We came up with an alternate plan. We met and had a fun time of eating, laughing and, of course, dessert. The chocolate meltdown cake was delicious...I refrained from licking my plate...but it was hard.

We needed to rush off to get to the bowling alley in time for our reserved lanes. We all piled into the truck and headed off to our local air force base. I am the only on with a military id, so we all needed to arrive together. We are listening to some sweet tunes, cruising down the road as my bff says to me, "Do you have your id?" Yes. "Are you sure?" (giving me a look that says I have been stuck with you one too many times while you dig around in that pit you call a purse). I (very sarcastically) say, "would you like to see it?" She says yes, so I very snotty-like pull out my wallet and open it. Of course it was not in there, like it always is, sending everyone into hysterical laughter. We had to come up with an alternate plan and had a fun time anyway.

The funniest part of this story to me is how a situation like this can shine a spotlight on our personality types. We are of course, different, but 2 of us tend to lean to the fun-loving, go with the flow attitude while the other 2 lean toward the, "how do you function in society with your lack of structure" attitude. While the Racer and I were laughing at my ditzy error, the other two were genuinely shocked at how such a thing could happen: How could I have left the house, knowing that we were going to the base, without double checking that I had my id?

This funny story has had me reflecting. I love that God makes us all different. I love that He can bring us together even when our differences say we will drive each other crazy. I love that they can laugh at our laid back attitude and we can laugh at their up tight approach. More than anything, I love that we can all laugh and celebrate together. Celebrate each one for the unique woman that God made us to be. Thank you Lord for the wonderful women you have brought and will continue to bring into my life. I wouldn't be the same without them to love me and challenge me to be better for You.

Friday, September 14, 2007

And now, My Dirty Job

I remember giving birth to Dirty Job like it was yesterday. I distinctly remember thinking he had HUGE red lips, to the point of not even cute, but that was just birth trauma. I remember taking a couple of days to decide between what we named him and the name Jackson. I very much remember his wonderfully laid back, easily schedulable personality. The boy ate every 3 hours, was a cinch to nurse and slept through the night at 4 months when he was introduced to food. That, my friends, was love at first bite. He ate 2 jars at his first sitting. I remember my hubby was the one to feed him because I was out somewhere, and he called and asked if he should venture a third jar. That boy was so much easier as an infant than my girl. She had issues and I should've been medicated. I was worried about mothering a boy. After all, I am a girl. I understand moods and imaginative play.

I remember a few years back (before DJ was even a thought) going to a conference about special needs kids. They spoke to parents and to churches wanting to incorporate various programs into their church. I was going to support that effort at our church. We had a couple of special needs kids at our church and I wanted to know how to support them, and if we were going to incorporate some new things into our program, I wanted to be a part of that! I remember sitting at that conference admiring the strength of those parents, wondering how they walk out such a difficult life. I remember thinking that I could never parent a special needs kid as I lack the patience to do so. I remember my husband being jealous that Patrick Andrew was going to be singing there, but having no desire to learn more about special needs kids and some effective ministries to offer. My, oh my, what a few years with the Lord can do to your heart. How could I have ever been who I am today without my boy? The Lord has used DJ to grow my faith. He has used him to strip some unnecessary layers away. God uses him to remind me to appreciate the small things, like a kind gesture or a simple word. He has used DJ to speak hope into my life. I didn't realize how much hope I had been lacking...

I have big dreams for my precious boy. Different dreams than I did a year ago, but big nonetheless. I can't wait to see how God continues to use Dirty Job for His glory.

How I adore my handsome little boy. Seriously, people, he's a totally cutie. He is big for a two year old and he has the biggest smile EVER. He has adorable curls which are no longer there because he got a big boy haircut. His laugh is contagious and he finds humor in the silliest things. He loves animals and trucks. When he rides in Cpt Mom's truck he is in HEAVEN.

Lord, I'm so thankful that you know what the future holds for my son. Help me to cling to you in the moments of sadness as they come. Let me seek your face for every decision regarding my boy. Help me to be diligent in teaching him Your word and Your love. Continue to grow his vocabulary and give us the patience to wait for it! I can't believe that you trust me to be his mom. It is such a privilege. Give me grace for those who don't see him as a gift, for they don't recognize that he is Yours. I ask for peace as we navigate through the next few months and all the evaluations and systems that go with that. I pray for those who will encounter our amazing son ~ may they see how You have created him to be nothing short of amazing. May our testimony of our journey with DJ lead people to You.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

What Not to Wear

What Not to Wear is my 5 year old kindergarten fashionista. She pretty much has more style in her pinkie than I do in my entire fashion history. She is my firstborn, my princess, whom I love "the morest." WNTW has long curly hair that she always wants to wear down. It's work to convince her to pull it back for gymnastics. She is rarely seen without a dress or skirt on (not that I let her cruise around naked...I mean she'll always choose a dress or skirt to wear). This girl cracks me up and warms my heart like no other. She is ALL drama ALL the time. Just this evening we were talking about her getting tubes in her ears, and she told me emphatically that she HAD TO be at school tomorrow because S wouldn't know where she was and B was gone today and she is the leader (of her 5 year old posse). Apparently my girl is second in command.

I listened to my girl talking to her dental hygienist today, and I was just DYING! Her spunky personality shone right through when she told the hygienist that she remembered all of the tools and her favorite is Mr. Thirsty. She was telling the hygienist how it was all going to go down, from the cleaning to the fluoride. Either she has a future in teeth (if that's the case, I hope she's a dentist...he spends approx. 35 seconds with us as he pokes a couple of teeth and says, looks good), or she's just ever so slightly choleric in her personality.

Most importantly, my girl loves the Lord. She loves Him with an inspiring faith and in her own amazingly personal ways. I am being stirred to be very intentional with teaching and growing her faith. There are some things I definitely want to implement into her life, like:
Weekly Family Devotionals
Serve Time (lessons in serving others)
More prayer
Mom and daughter time (intentionally planned)
Dad and daughter dates

Lord, thank you so much for this amazing daughter. I feel like I fail her so many times throughout the day. Help me to recognize each teachable moment in her life. Remind me of the gift she is when I'm in a frustrating moment with her. Help me to prioritize my list of things I want to implement and filter out my unnecessary desires. Grow her roots in You deep. Preserve her innocent heart and her fierce love for You. Show me how to serve well, so I can be an example of a pure heart. Let her see your unfailing love where my love is lacking. Allow her to see answers to her prayers as a testimony of your faithfulness. Keep her real and raw before you. May she never pick up the Christian mask. May she always dance before Your throne. You blew my world apart with her arrival, Lord. I never knew love could hurt so much. What a blessing you've given me. What a privilege. What grace. My heart is overflowing with gratitude for my girl.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bearing With One Another

Ok, I have just returned from an incredibly convicting Bible Study. I did not have a pen and paper with me and I am terribly disappointed because I would have liked to write many of the scriptures down. With my "mom brain", I have a really terrible memory, so here goes what I can remember. The lesson was on the parallel between our relationship with God and our relationships with people. The speaker was focused on the fact that the Lord expects us to love one another as He loves us. That the greatest commandment is to "love the Lord your God with all our heart, soul and mind. And the second is like it, love your neighbor as yourself" Matt22: 37-39. I am not sure that in all the times I have heard this or read it if I ever caught the part that says, "and the second is like it". Meaning: The second is as important as the first. They go hand in hand. You can't truly have one without the other. He went on to talk about how often we pour our efforts into our relationships with God while letting our relationships with people suffer. 1 John 16-17 in the Message reads, "This is how we have come to understand and experience love: Christ sacrificed his life for us. This is why we ought to live sacrificially for our fellow believers, and not just be out for ourselves. If you see a brother or sister in need and have the means to do something about it but turn a cold shoulder, what happens to God's love? It disappears. And you made it disappear." While I think a little may be lost in this translation, those last 2 lines are powerful. God's love never disappears, it is unconditional and ever-present. But, how many times has someone lost their vision of what God's love is because of my lack of commitment to loving them?

In the past year I have struggled with some relationships in my life because of sheer frustration. These people are difficult to love. They are dishonest, discouraging and often pulling others down. I have created distance and spent way too much time talking about how frustrating they are. Tonight I see clearly. God asks me to love them as He loves me. How many times He has been frustrated by my behavior. How many times He must look at me and shake His head at my discouraging disposition. Tonight it is clear. God will never give up on them. He will never be so frustrated that He stops trying to deepen the relationship. In fact, He knows that these are the times that He needs to pursue them even more. I want that. I want to be committed to loving others as He loves me. I want them to know I am a follower of Jesus by my love. My christianity has been brought into question by one of these people. I have been annoyed by that because, I believe, the reason clearly had nothing to do with my relationship with Christ. But, tonight, I feel as though I should take that comment as a lesson that my love is not clear.

So, tonight, I pray Eph 4:2, "Be completely humble and gentle, be patient, bearing with one another in love." He wouldn't have chosen the phrase, "bearing with one another" if it was going to be easy.

She snuck right in

We watched our teenager play her first volleyball game of the season today. We got there, walked in, and she was playing. I have to tell you, I got teary. It was like I was watching my own daughter play a sport that she loves. I couldn't even talk about it. I saw her and my heart just burst with pride. Don't ask me how I got this just happened. She has truly stolen my heart...much like my children did as newborns.

She is amazing. The Lord has truly sustained her through some horrific circumstances. She is broken, but still His. I have high hopes of what the Lord is going to do in her life and through her life.

My heart has loved her with a mother's love. Which is why I'm such a mess. Because the bottom line is this: I'm not her mom. But I wish I was. That's a real risky love for me. The kind that seems like a guaranteed heartache. It's not like she's up for adoption. It's not like her physical needs aren't being met where she's at. I just want her to be with us. Hearing about her day and the drama and the mundane. My hubby and I have talked/dreamt about having her as our own. Cpt Mom has talked about having her live with her. I want a safe place for her healing. Because when all the mess comes up and she begins to deal with it, it's going to be, well, messy.

Here's the thing. I want her in our home. I know I've stated that. But I want her permanently a part of our family. I want to take her with us when we move out of state. I've thought about it and hoped it but I don't know if I've spoken it out loud...maybe to the hubs, but I'm not sure other than him...

Does my logical mind think this would ever happen? Not in a million, billion years. I'm just putting my very vulnerable hearts desire out there. Tossing it up with hope. Willing to dream the craziest dreams...because love does that. It allows the illogical to be pondered. Love is willing to hope for the impossible. Love wants wholeness for those it loves.

Lord, thank you for being the God of the impossible. I'm so grateful that I can come to you with the desires of my heart and know that You will use them for your glory and for her healing. Even if the answer is different than that of my dreams, I can trust you with the outcome of her life because you love her even more than I do. Thank you for the privilege of this relationship with her. It is so humbling that you would let me love on her. Thank you for this lesson on risky love. Just because it's risky doesn't mean I should shy away or be fearful. I can take all of those emotions to you, and trust you to heal what may become broken. Lord, most of all, let her see your steadfast love for her. Let her see that you ARE indeed faithful and most importantly trustworthy. I know when she sees that, she will begin to heal some of those deep wounds. Tend to those hurts gently, Lord. Help me to be a reflection of your gentleness. Make a way where there seems to be no way. Lord, you ask us to take care of the orphans and the widows. I see so many areas in her life where she has been orphaned. Help me to care for her with the same love that you have for me and with great tenderness, for whatever amount of time you allow. Amen

Weighing in

Well, today was weigh in. I went in all guns blazin' 2 weeks ago after the announcement of Major Hunk's impending arrival. I promptly left for vacation 3 days later and after about 2 days went head first off the wagon. Looking on the bright side, I had 5 really great days :) So, after 10 days of vacationing, my birthday and a friend's birthday, I came out exactly as I went loss or gain. I can't complain.
I did my first walk/run yesterday to begin training for the 10K. Let's just say this is gonna take A LOT of work. I should probably get an inhaler before beginning any true running. I felt like my lungs were on fire after running only 2 minutes...aaaahhh. But, I am doing this! If for no other reason, I will just because some people doubt that I will...and yes, I am that spiteful. So, pray for me that the Lord will not only give me the strength to see this to completion, but that I will be stretched and grow beyond my physical body.

Stats are the same as last week.
Goals: Stick to the training schedule for the week.
Track all my eating and exercise.
Drink more water.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Cpt Mom is home. Yay. I have missed her and have been envious of her travels. She was also quick to remind me of Phoebe's running. Which is EXACTLY how I looked doing my intervals. I've done intervals 2 more times, and still I look like Pheebs. We'll see if I ever outgrow the awkward running stage. I highly doubt it.

And in other non life changing news...

I partook in the world's smallest amount of communion "wine" today. There was a drop or two of juice in a communion cup, so I took it because, well, I'm obnoxious like that. Turns out there was a crack in the cup so it had been a slow leak since Sunday School. But here is why I ADORE Cpt Mom. After I sipped my minuscule amount of juice, Cpt Mom says, " I love the symbolism of the juice dripping over your hand." People, I am so glad that Jesus has a sense of humor, because that was FUNNY. Or sacrilegious. I'm sure I will look back on that moment as one of the holiest in my life.

I am binging on ice cream. It's been a red letter PMS week, and I am not handling it well. You'll notice when I don't weigh in this week. Because, frankly, I don't want to know. I'll try to pick up the pieces next week. I'm now wondering if it could qualify as a study on how much ice cream one can truly eat without going into a diabetic coma.

Since I revealed that, I'd also like to include some great news. I fit into my fitness hero's capris this weekend. I had spilled on my shorts as I was getting out of my car to help set up for a wedding shower, so I called her hoping she had a larger pair of pants, capris, sweats that I could borrow. Folks, she brought jean capris that are her normal wearing size and I FIT IN THEM. And I did not look squeezed into them. Praise God. Did I get a picture? No. But the moment is forever burned in my heart. And I may take a picture yet because I haven't returned them.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Cleaning Fairy, WHERE ARE YOU??

So, pretty much I hate cleaning. Because of that, I avoid it at all costs. So it shouldn't surprise you that my house needs the following things done:

Sweep and mop kitchen floors
Clean off breakfast bar
Wipe down walls from random hand prints and yogurt throwing incidents
Vacuum carpet
Carpet clean downstairs carpet
Clean bathrooms: Downstairs + 2 Upstairs (one with separate tub and shower)
Vacuum hall, kids rooms, Master bedroom
Carpet clean above areas
Laundry x 10 loads
Put away laundry on couch
Clean off desk and TV unit

Did I mention that the above list all needs to be taken care of by 3pm tomorrow? I KNOW - I should be working on it. But because I hate it SO MUCH, I am procrastinating. Organized, clean-loving people of the world, how I envy you right now...

But I did get to have coffee with a friend today. For 4 hours. Because I am ALL about relationship.

Ooh, and if I haven't excited you enough with all above non-relevant to your life information, I'll leave you with this. Tomorrow morning I have to get What Not To Wear up and out to school, then I am going with other Freak Show mom for her son's first day of preschool drop off, then Dirty Job has 2 hours of therapy. So I really have between noon and 3 tomorrow to get all of my list done.

Oh wait, I remember something else to share...Cpt Mom has hired me to help organize some stuff. I'm still laughing over that. She is one TRUE friend to let me do that. Because, well, she's at my dirty, unorganized house a whole lot. She sees how, um, gifted I am in these areas.

Don't cha wish your life was as adventurous as mine?

Zero Dollar Shoes

Zero point food is ALMOST as sweet as FREE shoes!!!! I love me a pair of no cost shoes...only if they're cute, though. Free but ugly shoes are just a disservice to the female population. But don't worry, these free shoes are your choice, so choose one of several cute pairs....I'm getting sidetracked. So, there is a giveaway for some Ryka athletic shoes (and I seriously just got in an argument with My Deadliest Catch about new running shoes, so it would be REALLY nice to score a pair for free). Here's the link:
(because I can't figure out how to actually link....I truly am a blogging MORON!!!)