Monday, February 16, 2009

A recap of the random

It seems as though we have been on a blogging strike.  I think about writing often, but I can't ever seem to find the time.  By evening, I am fighting to stay awake long enough to put the Cutie to bed and in the am, I am usually waking up early to take our roomie to school since she is on crutches.  Naptimes have become all but non-existent.  As you can tell, we are having some sleep issues around here.  As in, we don't do it much around here.

At our bible study a couple of weeks ago, someone shared that women who get 7.5 hours of sleep lose more weight than those not getting enough sleep.  At this rate, I think I should be able to shed this baby weight by the time he starts kindergarten... (I hope not!)  I am holding out hope that this one can be a good sleeper and maybe he will encourage his sister to follow his example.

My husband gave me a whole day with no children (outside of my body) and no responsibilities on Thursday.  And this was on a day when I had Dinoboy, even!  It was like a little slice of heaven.  And the Cutie was sure to pay me back ten-fold over the weekend when she really ramped up the crazy!

My girl took her life into her hands last week when she drew a 3 foot mural in the middle of our living room carpet while I dozed on the couch.  This was 3 hours before my husband was coming home from his week long training, and our anniversary.  I was NOT pleased!  It was a little consolation to know that it was a carpet that is really in bad shape and needed to be replaced anyway.  But, since we will not be replacing it anytime soon, I was VERY upset.  Thankfully, my mom came to the rescue with her queen of clean advice.  2 bottles of rubbing alcohol and seltzer water did the trick.  You can't even see the remnant of blue.

She just got the priviledge of using writing utensils back last night.  She says every time she uses them, "I only write on paper.  I won't write on the carpet again."  Good call, sister.

I am 23 1/2 weeks pregnant.  Most days I feel like it.  Other days, I feel like I'm 38 weeks.  I look much more pregnant, and frankly, I don't care.  This little guy is really active and I just love feeling him bounce around in there.  He always seems to know when his dad or sister  are touching my stomach.  Especially when she is leaning up against me.  He always gives them little kicks.  Funny thing is, he doesn't do it so much when others touch my stomach.

When I took her to the bathroom this morning, the Cutie was looking a little bulky.  I asked her, "Are you wearing 2 pairs of pants?"  She smiled and said, "No, three."  It made me laugh.  I discovered as I disrobed her that she actually had 4 pair on.  I don't know what she was thinking.  And, honestly, I don't know when she did it.

A friend said to me the other day that I had never mentioned that my husband is out of work.  He is, and has been for almost 5 months.  This has been an incredible time of growth and change for me personally and in our marriage.  It has been humbling to see how God provides every month.  We are living at a deficit of almost $700.00 per month yet, we have not missed one bill or payment.  Work those numbers and tell me that God doesn't work miracles in every day life...

I did three loads of dishes yesterday.  Most all of our dishes in the house were dirty.  Ridiculous!  Apparently the maid quit and forgot to inform me...

Happy Monday!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


It has been just over a year since my Major Hunk returned from his deployment.  Exactly one year since he was back in my arms, I was bidding him goodbye at the airport sending him off to a training conference.  It's only a week long.  But it did get me thinking...  

Time is such an interesting thing.  On one hand, it seems like he just returned, and on the other, like the deployment is a distant memory.  

Two years ago found me preparing for our first holiday apart.  I was still strong then.  The loneliness didn't really take root until a few months later.  I had a one year old to keep me busy.  But the more she started to change and grow into a little person, the more difficult it became to accept that he was missing it.

One year ago found me a nervous wreck as we waited for those hangar doors to open.  Crying tears of relief that my love had made it home safely from war.  We were both changed people.  As we couldn't wait to be back together, we were both nervous about what it might look like in our daily lives.  Our daughter stared at the same man and wondered why everyone was so excited about him.  And then she really got nervous when he came to our house and he stayed...  And we won't even mention what she thought of him getting anywhere near her mom.

One week ago found me out of town on some family business longing for my family.  However,  my husband and daughter were having a blast and bonding in ways that one year ago didn't even seem possible.  And two days later when we had to send him off to his training, you found our daughter crying for Daddy.  Today finds her busy making plans for Daddy to take her to the park when he gets home in two days.  It makes this mama's heart melt each time I see her run and leap into his arms.

When I think back on these past 3 years in bullet points like this, it is hard to believe where we have been and where we are today.  Such is life.  As we continue this journey called life, I hope I always remember to take the time to reflect.  It is often in the reflection that we clearly see things that the busyness of life seems to blur.