Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Weighing In

Well, the results are in. While she is at camp, the Amazing Racer asked me to post her week for you all. She went out for dinner, had popcorn at the movies and she lost a pound! I'd say the changes she is making in her daily life are really being reflected on the scale. Great job!!

Now, I, on the other hand have not had such a stellar week. I have had such a busy week, I have not made it to a weigh in yet. I did weigh myself at the Racer's house on Sunday night and I had maintained. I hope to get over there today and retrieve my scale and see the damage. This week for me has been downhill ever since the hospital vending machines waiting for our littlest freak to arrive. Since then, I have really struggled to get back on track. I need to get to where these changes are just a part of who I am, because right now, I have to be really aware or I quickly fall back into bad habits. I will come back and edit this post with my weight later.

**ok, I have weighed in and I gained a pound. It's ok because I made some really poor choices. I know there are consequences to that. Here's working for a better week!!**