Sunday, July 22, 2007


I feel like I should blog something. I mean, I've been out of town for a week and haven't recapped any of my adventures via blog. Fortunately, the only person that reads this has already had the recap, so it's not like there are readers who are hanging on the edge of their seats or anything.

Fun at Camp:
My girls (ages 12-18) ~ a TOTAL blast. Love them to death. Even though I am old and decrepit, they still let me dance on the beds.
Slingshot Paintball ~ my first experience paint balling. Fun and way less scary once I got hit for the first time. Still sporting a mark from being hit by the facilitator aka Super paintball Man.
Getting ready for Service ~ We always had so much time that I could actually get gussied up. That was fun. Even my sporty girl put on makeup Thursday.
Clean Room ~ The girls brought a vacuum. That's how competitive they are.
Breaking the Rules ~ I left campus for a Starbucks bribe for the head counselor. I felt like a fugitive. That was fun to pull off.

Spiritual Stuff:
Students Saved, Sanctified and Filled with the Holy Spirit. Doesn't that sound nice and churchy? It really went down more like this...
My girls laid down some serious stuff - addictions, lifestyles, fears...the list goes on and on. They worshiped our Lord from whatever experience they were having - sorrow, joy, peace, frustration. Humbling to observe and so thankful to be able to stand in prayer with them.
Our boys were just awesome. They made me laugh and cry. One gave his heart to the Lord and another one (that I taught in Kid's Church) just opened up and shared some things that were going on in his life. He just melts my heart. Precious young man. One of the other boys (with special needs) testified that God had changed his heart and that he wants to lead his older sister to the Lord. Isn't that SO like God?
I recognized the time I have wasted due to fear. I'm on the edge of the diving board ready to dive in. I've gotten out of the kiddie pool with my floaties.

Prayer Requests:
For all students involved. That they will walk out their commitment regardless of what it takes. And it is going to take a lot of work in some circumstances.

For my husband and myself. The enemy is on the prowl to devour us individually so that we will turn on each other. It's totally spiritual, because frankly, I'm crazy about the guy. There have been damaging words spoken, and I need prayer covering for my heart to walk out forgiveness - that those arrows won't stick because I have put on my armor. They're the enemy's arrows, not my Deadliest Catch's.

A side note: When I arrived home, my kids were happy to see me for approximately 3 seconds, maybe only 2.5. That's ALL people. My heart was crushed but also relieved that they enjoyed their time without me...

So, it's on to a new week with new at home adventures. Can't wait to see what's in store.


CPT Mom said...

praying, praying, praying!!!

You are so right. The enemy is at work here. He attacks our marriages because he knows we are vulnerable there.

Good for you, my friend, to be able to step back and recognize this.

God is for our marriages!!

CPT Mom said...

Wow, even sporty girl had makeup...that is a fun memory.