Saturday, July 7, 2007


I often wonder what purpose certain circumstances in life serve. Sometimes it is very clear in the moment, sometimes it takes some distance to see, and sometimes, I don't see the point ever. Or at least I haven't yet seen the point. The Lord is able to reveal the purpose at any time.
This week, it seems as if I've been transported back to the world of jr high/high school, where some of my most socially awkward moments occured. It's also the time when rejection from those closest to me sticks out in my life. And that's where I'm at this week. I feel like the girl who's in the group, but the group doesn't really want her to be apart. I feel like people are not being totally honest with me and therefore I feel really dishonored.
The point of this post isn't to rehash every moment of rejection I've felt this week, but to just ask the Lord "What's the point?" I feel confident that He has one, but in this moment, the pain is very much clouding any purpose that He may be showing me. The Bible says in everything give thanks. So thank you God, for this storm, for I know there is a point. Even when I can't see it. Thanks that you have suffered rejection from those closest to you, so that I could know You. And because of that, you understand. Help me to thank you even when the cloud cover is thick.


CPT Mom said...

Interesting timing.
I too am in a socially awkward stage.

Thanks for reminding me that there is greater purpose than just my pity party.

LessOfUs said...

Hope I'm not leaving you feeling socially awkward.
Thank goodness talking to Jesus never leaves me feeling that way.