Friday, February 29, 2008

Sharing Our Stories

A few weeks back in our Believing God study, our pastor's wife asked us to pray that people would begin to "share their story." Her thought was that we, in the body of Christ, so many times carry the shame of our past and instead of testifying to what the Lord has done; we allow whatever tool the enemy uses (fear, shame, doubt) to silence us. And in muting us, we miss the opportunity to be vulnerable to others and to encourage those who may be in the ditch - to tell them there IS, in fact, a way out. It was cool that she said that, because as the weeks of dvd lessons go on, Beth's teaching just goes right alongside of that. I've been chewing on that, and praying for the testimony of our redemption to be the louder voice that would attempt to stifle what the Lord has done.

It was an amazing thing to yesterday read Amanda's post on Major Life Events, after having read Big Mama's post on Letting Go. I love both of these blogs (duh) and I found such encouragement in the fact that these two also have a harder time putting into written words the difficult stuff. I have many an unfinished post because of that very reason. I have had some, well, interesting things going on in life since the start of Believing God, but some things are just hard to put into words.

I just thought it so neat of God to answer my prayers not only for the body of believers I fellowship with on a weekly basis, but also for the body everywhere. I am thankful for the testimony of these Godly women that just frankly, blessed me tremendously. I am so encouraged in the vulnerablity of women I talk with, and that God is doing a mighty work in the lives of many that I love. It's just so Him to answering with a loud YES in a big way.


CPT Mom said...


I have been feeling all week that I write a whole lot of nothing important here.


Amazing Racer said...

Ditto. Ditto.