Monday, February 18, 2008


By 8am yesterday morning, I had already had it! There hasn't been a lot of sleep to be had in this house due to the Cutie's latest sleep protest. Then you add to that the fact that I have seemed to have one health ailment after another since the Major hit the US, and you had one cranky mama. CRANKY. So, as I was at the grocery store yesterday morning with Corporal Cranky, I mean Cutie, I was planning this seething post about how I am done. Done with all the pain. Done with just starting to feel better from one thing and something else pops up the very same day. And, most certainly done with tantrums! I was really mad about it.

I got home, unloaded the groceries, got dressed for church. All while stepping over a tantruming toddler. I tried to get her dressed. But, instead I took her to church in her pajamas. I told you, I was done. On the drive to church, I go from being mad to being fragile.

After I drop off a screaming child, I walk into service just in time to begin worship. We start to sing...You're all I want, You're all I've ever needed, You're all I want, Help me know you are here.
So, I bawl my face off a little, hug the racer, and bawl a little more. The realization hits that He is all I need...and He is here. In all my complaining, I had lost sight of that Truth. Really, all the problems I have been having are minor. I am not in severe pain-just enough to make me irritible and edgy. The sleep will eventually come. And she is tantruming because Major Hunk is home. And really, that is reason to the midst of my annoyances.

I was still feeling the discipline of that one, when the pastor stepped up to preach on rebellion.


Can't a girl catch a break?!?


Amazing Racer said...

I love your posts.

And apparently no one in these parts can catch a break because I'm pretty sure I almost vomited after Beth's word at Bible Study tonight. That's some serious conviction, my friend.

Amazing Racer said...

I would also like to point to the Scripture that states that the Lord rebukes those He loves...we are apparently His favorites.

Elizabeth said...

Aw. Hugs!