Monday, February 25, 2008

Racer's 100

  1. I don't know why I thought this was a remotely good idea.
  2. Our computer keyboard has had various things spilled on it, so the D key has to be punched really hard in order to work.
  3. That's why sometimes I have typos.
  4. I used to live in the OC.
  5. Sometimes I wonder why I ever left.
  6. That was 8 years ago.
  7. I need to MOVE ON already.
  8. It's just that it gets so hot here in the summer.
  9. Kindergarten reading books are going to be the death of me.
  10. It's a lesson in patience and self control every day when we sit down to read.
  11. I have a deep, deep appreciation for my daughter's teacher.
  12. I'm also pretty sure that my girl will one day be nominated for an Oscar.
  13. She put on a dramatic presentation today when asked to clean her room.
  14. Complete with real tears and a moving monologue.
  15. My Dirty Job no longer cries when getting on the bus.
  16. It makes me fell 1,000 percent better about putting him on there each morning.
  17. My husband already bought my birthday present.
  18. I was so impressed.
  19. I accidentally found out what it was today.
  20. He doesn't know that yet.
  21. I'm not sure that I'll tell him.
  22. He would be so sad.
  23. He and I and some other cool peeps are going to see Beth Moore in April.
  24. I think he is very brave to make the journey into the land of estrogen.
  25. We get to go out of town for it.
  27. I'll miss them.
  28. I'm turning 31 soon.
  29. It makes me want to go to Baskin Robbins.
  30. It also makes me want to celebrate with a Sprinkles cupcake.
  31. But Sprinkles mocks me with false hopes of a grand opening.
  32. They lie.
  33. I cry.
  34. I love white cheddar and nacho cheese popcorn seasoning.
  35. I will only attend movie theatres that have them.
  36. Or I sneak my own in.
  37. I prefer mini M&M's to all others because of the candy coating to chocolate ratio.
  38. I have a severe sweet tooth.
  39. I have to have dessert.
  40. Everyday.
  41. This past year has challenged my faith.
  42. The Believing God bible study I'm currently doing has been such a blessing after last year.
  43. I'm believing God to heal my son.
  44. Because He is ABLE.
  45. And I'm crazy enough to take Him up on His word that says He can heal.
  46. If He doesn't, I already know why, and I'm trusting His no if that's His answer.
  47. I love Francine River novels.
  48. Especially Redeeming Love.
  49. And I love the book Captivating.
  50. I want another baby.
  51. And I want to adopt.
  52. And I want another tattoo.
  53. Diet Coke with regular cherry syrup from Sonic makes me smile.
  54. I love cheesecake.
  55. But I am a cheesecake snob.
  56. I despise cheap cheesecake.
  57. I love to bake.
  58. I hate to do dishes.
  59. I want to get my RN.
  60. And then work in labor and delivery.
  61. And help pregnant teens.
  62. I'll be purchasing a new bathing suit for the first time in 4 years.
  63. I'm working out quite a bit.
  64. This baby bulge ain't goin anywhere.
  65. Because of #39.
  66. I love when my husband gets a babysitter.
  67. I love that my man is quick to forgive.
  68. I love that he still looks at me like he did when we were dating.
  69. Even when I pull out my angry eyes.
  70. I hate my hair.
  71. I am growing it out.
  72. And adding bangs.
  73. And not bleaching it EVER AGAIN.
  74. Until I am swayed by cute blond hairdos everywhere.
  75. I love dueling piano bars.
  76. My dream vacation with my hubs is two weeks on an island somewhere.
  77. In the sun.
  78. With an all you can eat fruit buffet.
  79. And a massage.
  80. My other dream vacation is backpacking through Europe with my girlfriends.
  81. My husband is very jealous of this dream.
  82. So I am willing to go to Europe twice.
  83. I LOVE spontaneous road trips.
  84. I went to the Contender finale once.
  85. Yes, that is boxing.
  86. It was AWESOME.
  87. Summers make me want to listen to Dave Matthews Band.
  88. And go to his concerts.
  89. My nephew was born this weekend.
  90. I get to meet him face to face in less that 3 weeks.
  91. I'm pretty sure my ovaries are going to be aching after that.
  92. Going to Disneyland with my kids is the best.
  93. They believe.
  94. And I remember believing, too.
  95. I graduated in '95.
  96. Shoes make or break an outfit.
  97. I love Long and Lean jeans from the Gap.
  98. I don't own any, but I love them all the same.
  99. I am on a quest this year to find my perfect jean.
  100. I can't believe Cpt Mom is going to do this, too.


CPT Mom said...

I love that your hubs is going to the Beth Moore conference.

I love it even more that you guys get a weekend getaway!