Friday, February 15, 2008

to be accountable

Well, I did not weigh in this week, and I was going to let it slip by without saying anything about it. I easily could have gotten away from it, because both of our readers are so kind, that they wouldn't have said anything :)

I didn't weigh in due to some health issues that have been going on over the course of a couple of weeks. I will spare you all the gory detail and just suffice it to say that I am feeling heavy throughout it.

I will weigh in again next Tuesday.

Until then, here are some good things I did this week:

I have consumed a lot of water.

I have only had the equivalent of one diet soda over the course of a week.

Things to work on this week:

Get more exercise.

Pre-plan what I will order when we are eating out.


Amazing Racer said...

You rock. Even though your health issues may take you over the edge, you are lookin good.

And you are my water hero.