Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday's List

I have the best picture to post of Captain and me, however, the retro technology that is my computer is giving me grief over downloading the images from my camera. Hopefully with prayer and fasting I can overcome. Actually, hopefully with prayer alone. Because ya all know I'm not going to fast considering their is a batch of andes mint cookie dough in my refrigerator.

Onto my fave - all things random.

  • I'm 99.9% sure I am going to drop out of my Thursday morning Bible Study. While this is one of the highlights of my week, it now falls at a time when both children are in school and my hubs is home. One on one time with my man is VERY HARD to come by. So, for a season, I will be a dropout.
  • I just read Cpt Mom's post about her custard stop, and I am now filled with envy.
  • Dirty Job was the first to partake of the chocolate fountain at the welcome home party. No chocolate transporters (such as strawberries or POUND cake) had been set out yet, so he just stuck a plate under there. He is his mama's son. I gotta tell you, it made me proud.
  • At same said party, a comment was made to me by a mom with older children "It could be worse, I could have an 18 year old who acts like a 3 year old. I have friends with kids who have developmental disabilities." Seriously, I laughed hard on the inside. She obviously doesn't know I have a "disabled" kid.
  • Dirty Job said Captain's name on Saturday in such a way that you could understand it. So cool.
  • What Not To Wear had a Father/Daughter Dance. She's pretty much smitten with her daddy. She requested he wear his suit and when she first saw him, she told me he was going to be the handsomest dad there. I agreed.
  • I have gained 2.5 lbs. Apparently a steady diet of Gobstopper Heartbreakers will catch up with you.
  • What Not to Wear wore camoflauge tights with red and black plaid shoes to school on Friday. I wonder where we came up with her pseudo-name!
  • At church when Cpt Mom was responding to the message, it made me cry to see her hubs covering her in prayer.

Well, I'm off to Believe God!


CPT Mom said...

I am so proud of the growth you have made that you were able to laugh at that comment.

I think one on one time with your hubs would be most excellent. Way to be a Proverbs 31 woman!

Though, I will miss you.

Keep believing God, my friend.