Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Kitchen Must Haves

There are two kitchen items that are necessities in my life. One is the crock pot. I used to be scared of this particular appliance, but now that I know how to use it, and that you can cook ANYTHING in it, I have a deep, deep love for it. In fact, Cpt Mom and I have affectionately termed our slow cookers "pot." We think it's funny to ask for pot from one another. Because, yes, our pots somehow end up at each others houses. I use my crock pot at least once a week, but more likely 3 and even sometimes 4 times during a week's time. I heart my pot.

The second item I love is my pampered chef baking stone. I prefer it over a regular cookie sheet by about a billion times. I think it aids in the process of cookie baking perfection. So, when I broke my stone last month, I was devastated. I had my stone on top of the oven and I turned on the wrong burner. It broke into 4 pieces. A sad day for me!

My hubs did a great thing for me. Knowing my deep love for my stone, he bought me a replacement for my birthday. It just came in today and I can't wait to bake myself some birthday cookies on it to begin the seasoning process. YAY.

That's all. Pot and Stone, my favorites.


CPT Mom said...

Pot and Stone...

I love it!