Monday, February 25, 2008

100 things by CptMom

1. I don't understand why my husband feels the need to "air out" our garage by opening the door from our laundry room to the garage.
2. Yesterday, I thought I might surely die.
3. Today, much hope was brought to me in the form of an antibiotic.
4. I heart you Levoquin.
5. I do not heart tantrums!
6. Today I laughed in my daughter's face when she informed me that yes, she was going to be hitting again.
7. I couldn't help it.
8. I appreciate her honesty.
9. It is refreshing.
10. Laughing in her face was probably not my best parenting moment.
11. Nor was the peach sorbet I gave her with lunch and called it a fruit.
12. I have some of the best friends a girl could ask for.
13. I just put 5 ponytails in my daughter's hair.
14. Her hair is super fine and about 3 inches at the longest spot.
15. She looks super!
16. I like to text message.
17. I am not fast at it.
18. When I text a teenaged girl, she thinks I am Gramma Moses while she waits for my response.
19. I call or text my husband each time we have been apart.
20. Just because I can.
21. And for a year...I couldn't.
22. I like to go out to lunch.
23. I love California Pizza Kitchen.
24. I want to go there.
25. And eat the greek pizza.
26. My husband thinks it is a disgrace to pizza everywhere.
27. My daughter does not like to watch tv...
28. Except for Barney.
29. I have watched Barney approximately 974 times since she got this video 3 weeks ago.
30. Thank you to her aunt for giving us the video.
31. On any given day, I will have a Barney tune running through my mind.
32. A hunting we will go.a hunting we will go.we're going on a treasure hunt.a hunting we will go.
33. See, I told you.
34. I could probably fill this list with other tidbits about Barney.
35. I will spare you.
36. My girl loves babies.
37. She is loving and nurturing and so sweet with them.
38. It makes my mama heart proud.
39. When angry, she has been know to throw a baby at me.
40. That makes me a little less proud.
41. I like to watch reality tv.
42. Starting Over was my first reality love.
43. I was really sad when they took it off the air.
44. I still am when I think about it.
45. The Racer and I would record it and share tapes and talk about it later.
46. It was then I first started to realize people thought we were a little crazy.
47. We are.
48. I love the Lord.
49. I try to represent Him better each day.
50. Somedays I do, other days, I begin anew.
51. My husband apparently does not believe dress up princess shoes to be appropriate going out attire.
52. My daughter does.
53. I guess I can't wear my pink princess shoes on our next date.
54. I want to go to Hawaii.
55. A lot.
56. My friend is going there is week with her hubs.
57. I am most jealous.
58. Love does not envy. Thanks for the reminder.
59. I take wedding vows very seriously.
60. I feel broken-hearted when people don't.
61. I loved being pregnant.
62. The desire to be pregnant hit long before actually wanting to have another baby in my house.
63. I love, love the sound of children's laughter.
64. I wear my grandmother's wedding band alongside my own.
65. She wore it for 71 years before.
66. She had great love for my grandfather.
67. She inspires me to love stronger.
68. I love to travel.
69. I don't do it very often.
70. A trip with my husband is always good for our marriage.
71. It is a time when we both relax an just really enjoy each other.
72. My husband is very task oriented.
73. VERY.
74. I am not sure if he has sat down since he got home.
75. I am relational to the core.
76. He has lots of re-organizing to do due to my love of all things relational.
77. I was deeply touched by friend's generosity this week.
78. She is one of the most giving and selfless people I have ever known.
79. Seeing my daughter show off for her daddy melts my heart.
80. Seeing them run and play does the same.
81. I am a Daddy's girl.
82. I wish all girls could be.
83. I love nothing more than seeing children who have most obviously dressed themselves.
84. My girl has just recently begun picking out her own outfits.
85. I am secretly a little disappointed when they match.
86. The sillier the better in my book.
87. She chose a skirt to wear to bed the other night.
88. It made me smile.
89. My girl likes to wear boy underwear over her diaper.
90. In fact, she is wearing a pair right now.
91. The joy of growing up close to your boy cousins.
92. I enjoy reading.
93. My husband does not.
94. We are going to a marriage retreat next month.
95. I am so looking forward to it.
96. It will be like a vacation of sorts.
97. Only harder.
98. But, more rewarding in the long run.
99. I love my husband's family.
100. You now know more about me than you ever needed to.


Amazing Racer said...

I laughed my face off, thank you very much.
You are most amazing, my dear friend.

Amazing Racer said...

Also, I am now very sad thinking about SO. I'm gonna have to google Rhonda and see what she's up to...because I have an addiction.

CPT Mom said...

That's awesome!