Sunday, February 10, 2008

Random Tidbits

  • We had a party for Major Hunk at our church yesterday. There was a great turn out and we were so blessed to spend time with our family and friends. It was so exciting for me to see such support welcoming him home.
  • The Racer and I actually did stick our heads under the chocolate fountain at the above mentioned party. Proof to come. If that doesn't scare you off, it may give you another glimpse into our weird senses of humor. We do, in fact, crack each other up...even if no one else gets us.
  • We waited until everyone was done eating from the fountain before putting our germs into it. We are nothing if not classy.
  • My family celebrated Christmas today. We held off the family celebration until my guy was home safely. It was a super fun, relaxing time.
  • We get to do it again next week with the in laws. It will probably be the opposite of relaxing.
  • My parents were uber-generous with their gifts. It just shows how incredibly thankful they are that my hubby came home safe. I suspect that no one wanted to tell me (and I appreciate) that they were all worried about the possibility of him not coming home.
  • It is such an unspoken rule not to talk about it, that it took me 3 attempts to write that line above.
  • I camped out on Black Friday to get a wii for the hubs Christmas gift. He loves it. He is currently trying out each and every game. It may become his new love.
  • Once again, the sermon this morning spoke to me right where I sat. It addressed a conversation the Major and I had just last night. God is so amazing in all His all-knowingness!

Happy week, friends. Thanks for visiting our blog.

PS. We are not sophisticated at all here at the Crying Moms, so I often wonder if people actually read this thing. We don't have one of those things that tells us if anyone has read it. If you feel so inclined, leave us a comment, let us know that you were here. And if this was your first time stopping by...I am sorry it had to be on this post. Don't let it scare you off. Give us another try. And, don't judge the Racer by my randomness. It really wouldn't be fair.


Amazing Racer said...

Oh, it would be fair to judge US by your randomness, because WE are lovers of the random.

So in case you were wondering, I'm a reader of the Crying Moms blog.

Lisa Kay said...

I read here about once a week - love your site!

Lisa Kay