Friday, May 16, 2008


Well, I did not, in fact forget about my challenge to find my favorite post. Life got busy again and I hadn't had time to read over the past year's posts. After a brief skim, these two stood out: this and this. The first is for obvious reasons. It was one of the first times I had recognized that I, in fact, had been living on pins and needles. The second post is a great one that the Racer wrote on freedom. Reading it again, gave me a good reminder of extending grace. And that I can't really expect grace from non-believers when we believers struggle with it so. That's some good stuff.

Well, just after I wrote this post, I was given some opportunities to love like Jesus. Because our God is faithful, people. I was given an opportunity to love someone right where she was at. I just love how God delivers. He allowed me to learn some insightful lessons about myself while loving on someone else who really needed it that day. I also learned that I definitely need more practice in this area of my life. So, I imagine that means more opportunities are coming my way.

Today I was able to share in a milestone in What Not to Wear's life. I am sure her mama has some things to say about it, so I will let her share with you. But, let me just tell you that it made me reflect on my precious little girl and how fast she is growing up. Girls, I hope you dance...

I am off to a resort with my little family. My hubs has to work, but we will get some family time together in the evenings. Woo hoo!

Happy weekending!


Amazing Racer said...

love that your fam is having a weekend getaway!

love that you are walking out Jesus. and being willing to expose yourself to more opportunities.