Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Random Update

  • Summer is coming and it is getting hot!
  • The Lord is teaching me some things. As I look over the past year or so, I don't think I have ever been as hard-headed. It's not that I don't want to learn the lessons, I do. I really do. I just have been so distracted that I have difficulty focusing on what He is telling me. What frustration I must cause my Father!
  • I want to enroll the Cutie in some type of summer rec program, but I haven't figured out which. Maybe singing or dance. Is there anything cuter than a group of two year olds singing or dancing? I think not.
  • Well, maybe this...At our last mommies night out, we were at an outdoor shopping center and there was a band playing. There was a small group of men from a special needs group home. Two of the men were dancing the night away. They were making requests and dancing non-stop. One of them was a real charmer. It was precious. They were having a blast and they made many people smile that night.
  • Our house went into escrow. It appears that we actually are buying our first home. Wow.
  • I packed 3 boxes this week. At this rate, I should be ready to move in about 3-4...years. Here's hoping I can find some motivation!

Have a great Thursday, everyone!


Amazing Racer said...

You forgot to mention the part where the guy was flirting with you...

And 3 cheers for homes and the packing they cause. Because it means we throw stuff away.