Friday, May 2, 2008

Passing the Torch

Our kids are growing up. They are growing and changing right before our eyes.

It seemed like just yesterday I heard the Racer explaining to What Not to Wear that "if you are going to wear that nightgown to the store, you have to wear shorts or pants under it". Like just yesterday that I was saying to her, on a daily basis, "Wow, what a fancy outfit you have on today. Most excellent choice." A couple of years ago, What Not to Wear was tearing it up in the fashion department with her mis-matched, random combos.

Then, just the other day, she asked me, "Why is Cutie wearing pajamas?" I told her that's what she wanted to wear today. "But, why?" she wondered.

It seems the torch may have been passed.

Here's proof:


Amazing Racer said...

Run with that torch, Cutie! It brings me much joy to see the concoctions she comes up with.