Monday, May 26, 2008

20 things you probably won't hear me say...

Inspired by BooMama's post today:

1. "No thanks, I don't care for cake."
2. "I don't like white cheddar and nacho popcorn."
3. "Does this make me look fat?"
4. "Why yes, I would like to help you landscape your yard."
5. "I am not a stress eater."
6. "I don't need any more babysitting offers."
7. "I wish I could work outside my home."
8. "Last month I was featured in the article entitled 'How to Declutter Your Life'."
9. "I have so much free-time I just don't know what to do with it all."
10. "I would rather do something productive than relational any day."
11. "I will never vacation with out my children."
12. "I have enough shoes."
13. "Would you like to see my menu plans for 2009?"
14. "Can I have more brussel sprouts?"
15. "You sound just like your mother."
16. "I can't wait for the next yard sale."
17. "That dessert is too rich, I can't even eat it."
18. "Honey, quit your job, we have too much money."
19. "I don't want to go on vacation, let's just stay home."
20. "I live and die by my to-do list."

So, tell me friends, what are some things we may never hear you say?


Amazing Racer said...

#17...Tru dat girlfriend.

I loved your list. That you will not live an die by.

holly said...

Considering your week is typically "wide open" - I don't understand #9 :)

And #21 can be:
"Thanks for the offer, but I'd rather move ALL BY MYSELF."