Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

The Good:

-Dirty Jobs had a great check up with his pediatrician. He is talking more, listening/responding better, and frankly is cute as pie (and I adore pie).

-What Not To Wear is finished with homework for the rest of the kindergarten year. She also finished her first set of swim lessons and was promoted to the next level...yay. WNTW also keeps telling me that I am going to cry at her graduation. That is likely to happen. She knows her mama well.

-My Deadliest Catch is willing to put new flooring into the new house's living room and hallway before we move in. Which means no ugly blue carpet except in the bedrooms.

- I packed some boxes and I have maintain my weight at 131. I also made appointments with a dermatologist and the ob/gyn.

-Cpt Mom and I have been eating some delicious vegetables and there has been no ice cream in my house since Sunday. This, my friends, is what we call a miracle.

The Bad:

- Dirty Job still does not have his 2nd session of speech therapy due to a typo. Yes, a typo. This has been going on for months now.

- WNTW has been extra whiny. I don't know if it's end of the year blues, tiredness from swimming lessons or both. I'm ready for the WHINING TO STOP ALREADY.

- We cannot, because of ridiculous scheduling, move on a weekend. So we have to move on a Friday. When all of our friends work. Nice. My Deadliest Catch also has to take that same Friday off to do a sound check/rehearsal for a wedding. I am selfish and like days off to be fun, carefree, and family oriented. We absolutely love the peeps getting married. Like I said, it's just selfishness.

- I spit my Diet Cherry Pepsi out from laughing too hard during lunch on Cinco de Mayo. This par-tay foul is all too common in my life.

The Ugly

- Dirty Job dumped an entire bottle of shampoo out onto himself and then proceeded to slip and slide all over the empty bathtub. He also very intentionally drop kicked the Cutie today...totally RUDE.

-What Not To Wear had to point out my obvious bad attitude and awful temper today. Embarrassing.

- I have acne that rivals teens and I haven't been to the ob/gyn since '05. Not good.

-I'm running around accomplishing nothing, I'm super tired to the point of it being ridiculous, I have no patience, no kindness, and heaps of guilt.


CPT Mom said...

I heart you... the good, the bad and the ugly.

And I triple hearted the diet cherry pepsi out the nose. I am ridiculous that way. You should know that about me.

Anonymous said...

i love this layout of the good,bad, and ugly it is inventive!