Sunday, May 11, 2008

a Mother's Day post

Today is set to be an unusual mother's day to say the least. It should be memorable.
Here are some things I already know about this mother's day.

  • This is my first mother's day that Major Hunk is here to celebrate with me. Yay!
  • He bought me some really cool and thoughtful gifts! Remote start when it can get to be approximately 900 degrees outside? Very thoughtful, indeed!
  • We will spend our afternoon at his grandmother's memorial service.
  • She died 5 months ago.
  • Apparently there is some kind of talent showcase planned.
  • And last night our corsages were dropped off. We were told it is formal dress.
  • ???????????????????????????????????????
  • Currently, my toddler is sitting on the floor behind me singing some sort of made up song to the tune of ABC's. It goes something like this: "mommy, mommy, akfiodeknfdsofudi, mommy, mommy, fhdisohfdfsdfo, da, da, da" Apparently, it is her mother's day tribute. She's a genius. I didn't even know she could read a calendar.
And yes, all of the above are true. I couldn't make this stuff up if I wanted to.

Happy Mother's Day, friends! Go make memories with your family today.

ps: say a special prayer for all those moms that we know and those we don't know who are grieving tender losses this mother's day.


Amazing Racer said...

Oh my word. I knew most of that and still I sit and chuckle. Because I don't have appropriate social responses.

And I am joining you in prayer this mom's day.

holly said...

Two words. Sitcom worthy. <3