Monday, December 24, 2007

O Holy Night, everday

Yesterday was our Christmas service at church. We usually have a Christmas Eve service, but for some reason, we don't this year. I have grown to love the Christmas Eve service. I am sad we don't have one today. All that has nothing to do with what I wanted to share.

Yesterday, we sung O Holy Night. My most favorite Christmas song. Which by the way, when sung by Josh Groban makes me praise Jesus all the more. I'm serious. That boy has a gift! Again- off track. O Holy Night has been my favorite for a few years now. As we joined together in singing it yesterday morning, the Lord really brought some truths to my heart through the following lyrics:

Truly He taught us to love one another;
His law is love and His gospel is peace.
Chains shall He break for the slave is our brother;
And in His name all oppression shall cease.
What a reminder for my encounters with people. The other day, Cpt Mom was sharing about grace, and how we can't expect those who don't know the Lord to extend grace when, really, it's such a difficult thing to walk out as a believer. The Lord used her to set my heart up for these lyrics.
  1. His LAW is LOVE. If unsure, I can always be sure I'm representing Him when I am loving.
  2. His gospel is PEACE. In a world ever changing, uncertain, war torn...I can have His unchanging, absolute PEACE. I can also extend that invitation to others this season. I can be a glimpse of His PEACE with my carefully seasoned words.
  3. Chains shall He break ...OK, this was the line (in it's entirety)that just spoke to me the most. Only He can break the chains in people's lives...chains of all types of sins. He doesn't leave any sin out...He can break ANY chain. Even the ones I lug around that have already been broken. He is faithful to point those out and help me lift them off once and for all.
  4. For the slave is our brother. Those enslaved are not the enemy. I need to extend compassion, grace, patience (and the rest of the fruit of the spirit) to all. I need to remember that which enslaved me not to long ago. I need to remember that I am a work in progress and there are some remnant behaviors from when I was not redeemed. I need to acknowledge that NO ONE is beyond His redemption. Even those who it seems will never bow their hearts. I need to know that bound people behave like they are enslaved. How exhausting it is to carry every burden of life, not to mention everything you are guilty of, every ounce of unforgiveness, every title someone has labeled you as...I'm exhausted just thinking about it. What am I doing to bring the message of FREEDOM to those chained?
I know, there is nothing new in those truths, it's nothing I don't know...but somehow, in the day to day, I lose perspective. I get focused on the moment instead of the overall.
Christmas...God's offer for a new beginning, another chance. Represented in the promise of His son. I'm so glad the message of Christmas is for everyday. My prayer is that I'll walk that out in every season, not just this one...


CPT Mom said...

Being your friend sharpens me. Thank you for living your life out loud.

This was a message I really needed to hear. Thank you for sharing it today.