Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Weigh to Go

Alrighty peeps, I've weighed in. After a week of miscalculating my total points, I have lost .5 lbs. I'm thrilled and pretty much ecstatic that I lost anything at all. I'm hitting a weight where everything fluctuates so much throughout the day, so it really is a stab in the dark when you are counting by the half pound. I'm fairly confident that I'll have some gaining weeks on the horizon...

This Weeks Weight: 137.5

This Weeks Loss: -.5

Total Lost: 30.5lbs

I'm starting the 10K/1/2 marathon training, so my goal is to keep up with that this week and to drink plenty of water. It's pretty much still hotter than Hades here.

Cpt Mom, I'm so thrilled for the time you will have with Major Hunk soon. And thrilled for your renewed heart on this journey. It's so refreshing to be friends with such a transparent sister in Christ. Keep on keepin it real! And exercise away girlfriend. See ya next week.


Mama Bear June said...

You are doing great, too! Wow, 30.5 pounds GONE! Keep up the great work!
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