Friday, August 3, 2007


James 1:4: Perseverance must finish it's work so you can be mature and complete.

This is what I want, right? I do. I want to be mature and complete in my faith. I don't want to be shaken by every trouble. But, I find myself there often. I love the book of James. But, I will admit...considering it pure joy when I face trials...that's a tough one! But, the Lord knows my heart and knows that I want to be closer to Him and become the woman He created me to be. I know in my head that means that I have to endure trials of all kinds. That I can't let my circumstances determine who and what I am. But, briefly, I am always a little surprised when yet another trial arrives right on the heels of another. Don't get me wrong, I know there is purpose in it. But, it is still difficult to walk out.

I am thankful for His Word. That is serves as reminder to me in those times of discouragement and struggles. I need to be reminded. I am forgetful! So, this is my goal: That I will allow perseverance do it's work in me. That I will not lose heart and that I can even find encouragement in each new trial knowing that I am daily getting closer to maturity and completion.

So, I am packing my snacks (weight watcher-friendly, of course), turning up the music , and buckling my seat belt. I am ready for the ride. And I am thanking God that I am not driving this thing!


LessOfUs said...

Thanks for the great reminder. You are wise beyond your years, friend. Thanks for being iron that sharpens iron!