Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Things I never thought...

...I would do as a mom. But, I do (or have done).

  • pick up a binky or some other article, lick the visible dirt off and hand it back to my child

  • allow my daughter to have a popsicle for breakfast

  • drink a bottle of water with visible floaties in it while thinking, "it's fine, it's just a little potato"

  • watch my child drop food multiple times on the mall floor and look away because it is the last piece and I know she will have a fit if I take it away (all the while banishing thoughts of all the dirty shoes, etc that have walked on that floor)

  • walk in to see my daughter scrubbing the tile floor with her toothbrush...I take it away, say, "yucky, that's gross!"...then I rinse it off and stick it back in the toothbrush holder (aaahhh, did I really do that?!?)

  • allow my daughter to take a bottle to bed...it encourages tooth decay after all

  • think my daughter is the cutest, most clever child ever
  • just turn away when she eats dog food or when she lets the dog have a lick of her snack and then sticks the rest in her mouth
  • have an entire conversation based on nothing but bodily functions
  • open not 1 or 2, but 3 of the packages while still in the store just to get the yelling to stop
  • that I would so quickly tire of hearing a little cherub call me, "Monny"...but after 12 times per minute, it loses it's cuteness factor
I also never thought that I would find such fulfillment in the day to day tasks of an infant/toddler. But, when the Lord provided us the opportunity for me to be a stay-at-home mom, He also fulfilled that place in my heart that says, "my work is important". Even though the daily tasks can be monotonous and frustrating and often disgusting, it all works together for His good. If I teach her nothing else through this crazy life, I hope it is to love and serve Jesus with all of her heart.


Amazing Racer said...

You are doing a fine job of that, Cpt. Mom. And she is THE most clever girl ever. I love being a part of your lives. Thanks for making me feel more "normal" about my non-obsession over germs.