Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Spiritual IED

Yesterday morning I sat at my computer and planned to write a light and funny post that has been bouncing around in my head for a while. Not for today it seems. I felt a more pressing matter. I went to my Bible and journal and began to have some time with the Lord. As I prayed and wrote in my journal, it became clear: the enemy attacks women in a very clear and effective way. In the past week, I can name a handful of friends and family who have been under a cloud of depression. As I prayed, I started making a list of women that I knew were struggling with depression. As I wrote, other names started popping into my head. I would add the name and next thing I knew I was thinking of another. Many of them were women that I don't talk to frequently or don't know a lot about their personal lives. I believe the Lord gave me those names so I could pray specifically for them. By the time I was done, I had about 12 women's names on the list. That is when I began to reflect.

The enemy is just that, our enemy. Being that my husband is in a war zone, I began to reflect on what a true enemy is. The enemy of our soul is as real as the Taliban is. He does not shoot guns or plant IED's (roadside bombs), per say, but he does plot complicated, sneaky attacks against us. He knows he has to be sneaky or he wouldn't be effective. I don't suppose if the 9/11 terrorists would have disclosed their plans on that fateful day that the gate employees would have pointed them down the runway with a smile and an, "enjoy your trip". In the same way, Satan knows he has to be very devious about his plans for our lives. I think that depression is one very real way that the enemy attacks women: wives, mothers, sisters, friends. First he piles on the guilt. Then he follows up with a side of exhaustion. He throws in some rejection, hurt, feelings of inadequacy and some good, old-fashioned isolation and we have a big, fat cloud of depression. A spiritual IED, if you will. Then he begins the work to plant it in our souls. I am so thankful to know and serve the living God who is bigger than all of it. I can find rest in the fact that He is truly in control of my life. Exodus 14:14 says, "The Lord will fight for need only to be still." Exodus 14 continues to say, "the Egyptians you see today, you will never see again." I think we all have "Egyptians" in our lives. Each one of us has something trying to oppress us today. Satan finds things that are difficult for each of us as individuals and he tries to use it to break us. This verse has brought inspiration to me during difficult times throughout my life and it continues to bring rest in the tough times. Friends, we need to grab hold of this promise and make it ours.
To the enemy and the depression he brings I say, "the Lord is fighting for us. You know you are defeated and so you fight to change history. But, you are not powerful enough. The Lord God has claimed victory over each life I listed in that journal. So, back off!"

Thank you Lord for the promises of Your Word. Thank you for loving each of us enough that You allow us to walk through the dark times. Thank you that You are always walking with us and that You would never allow us to walk through the darkness alone. Thank you for your never-ending, never-failing love. God I ask that each of these women would feel You close to her today. That each one would feel You cheering her on as she walks, runs or crawls through the difficult times. And Lord, I ask for peace and patience for each one that they would find rest in knowing that You have already won the battle and have already claimed the victory. In Jesus' Name.


Amazing Racer said...

Another wise post from a very wise soldier. Way to armor up, girl.