Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I just returned home from a weekend away. It wasn't a vacation, just a quick trip to have dinner with some friends and to celebrate a birthday. The first night, my friend rented a hotel room and 4 of us stayed there with our 3 children in tow. The second night, we partied with her family and then crashed at her house. My little girl is a rockstar...she couldn't get enough of that dance floor. Just a simple weekend away. I probably only spent 15 minutes packing and getting ready to go.

I wasn't even particularly looking forward to the trip. But, I really wanted to see my friend, so we went. Well, am I glad we did. By this morning I felt so refreshed. So nice to wake up to a phone call from my hubby and have the little one sleep in for another hour. So nice to have her sleep ALL through the night. (I guess I should take her dancing every night.) But, more than anything, it was so nice to be surrounded by other families going through this crazy deployment life. To have other wives that I can talk to and know they understand what I mean...even when I can't articulate it. As I awoke this morning, I realized something...I am stressed. Many days I know that. Many days I feel the stress. But, honestly, other days I don't realize it.

Thank you Lord for rainy days with no obligations other than spending time with friends!


LessOfUs said...

So glad you could go. What a great gift for you to have time with those who understand best.