Saturday, December 15, 2007

Random Christmas Thoughts

Christmas information you probably don't know/care about CptMom:

1. I collect Nativity scenes. My husband has jumped on board and we are quickly running out of places to put them.

2. I love Christmas trees. I love to sit in front of a decorated tree with the house lights off and relish in the glow of the tree.

3. I heart Christmas ornaments! I buy a new ornament for our family each year.

4. My husband and I eat smores in front of our Christmas tree on Christmas Eve and exchange Christmas cards.

5. This year I took my daughter to look at a light display that I enjoyed every year throughout my childhood for as long as I can remember. It was very nostalgic. And very surreal. And made me a little sad that I wasn't able to share it with my hubs. And made me feel old.

6. I believed in Santa until I was 12.

7. I do not dress my daughter up to get her picture taken with Santa Claus. She wears her everyday, regular clothes. And compared to some of the other little girls in line, she looks like a homeless child. And I don't care. I will not send the message to my daughter that Santa is more important than Jesus.

8. I love the holiday crowds. Sometimes I go to the mall just to walk amongst them.

9. Christmas parties must be the place to share TMI this year.

10. My favorite Christmas album: The Oak Ridge Boys Christmas. Feel free to point and laugh.

11. I think it sucks that I don't get to do #4 this year!

Tell me some of your Random Christmas Thoughts. I'd love to hear them. If you know anything about us here at cryingmoms, you should know that we love the random!


Amazing Racer said...

I am pointing and laughing.

And I am sad that you won't be doing #4 until late January/early February.

All cool people are nativity collectors. Just so you know.