Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Come as little children

Tonight when I was praying with the Cutie before bed, she said "Jesus". I was taken back. I said, "Did you say Jesus?" She smiled and nodded her head. Then she said it again.

Now I understand that at almost 2 years of age, she does not yet comprehend a relationship with Jesus. But, I am so excited that she is familiar enough with His name to use it. Even if she is just repeating what she heard me say. I so often feel like I do a really poor job at representing Christ with my life. Hearing her speak that one word reaffirms to me that the Lord uses all of it: the good, the bad and the ugly.

I pray that she utters His name often throughout her life. I thought to myself how excited I was in this moment. He must have been even more excited to hear His child call His name for the first time. I believe it made Him smile.

Thank you Lord for this beautiful little girl you have blessed us with. Thank you for trusting us with her while we are here on this earth. Lord, please help me to guide her and point her to You daily. Thank you Jesus!


Amazing Racer said...

LOVE IT. What a sweet, sacred moment. Good job, mama.