Monday, December 17, 2007

A Night Out

Cpt Mom and I went out last night. Because we see each other a lot, but we don't always get to talk to one another. It was a night of random comments and fun. I don't think we stayed on one topic for more than 45 seconds, really.

You should also know that we used the fruit of the spirit which is self-control last night. We went to In and Out and split a #2. If you do not have In and Out where you live, my deepest sympathies go out to you. No one, and I mean NO ONE makes an animal style cheeseburger like In and Out. It's pure bliss. Absolutely wonderful yummy deliciousness. I'm pretty sure it's because the meat is never frozen. Either that or the fact that they fry it in mustard on the grill and then add grilled onions and SAUCE. Anyhoo we split it. Because we are good.

Before we went to the movies, we made a quick stop at Target so I could pick up some BottleCaps. I heart Bottle Caps. Well, actually, I heart Grape, Orange and Cherry Bottlecaps. I give the Root Beer and Cola ones to What Not To Wear. Once in the candy aisle, we showed great restraint by not buying the jumbo box of Nerds. We did, however, leave the bulls eye with the following supplies:
Jumbo box of Bottlecaps
Jelly Bellys Soda Pop flavors
Ghiradelli Milk Chocolate with caramel
2 regular bags of Haribou Gummi Bears (instead of 1 Giant one)
3 Musketeers Mint - because it's low fat/low points.

Once we arrived at the theatre we continue our astounding self-control by having a bucket of half Cherry coke half Coke ZERO. I know, we're disciplined like that. And finally, we got a SMALL popcorn with NO BUTTER. Because, really, did the help at the counter think we were gluttons or something?

So, if you'd like Cpt Mom or I to speak at your next women's ministry meeting on the spirit of self control, contact us fast. I'm pretty sure we are going to sell out for 2008.


CPT Mom said...


I am pretty sure we will be getting contacted by Tales from the Scales to write for their Loser of the Week post.

Thanks for a night out. It was much needed!! I heart you...and orange crush jelly bellys :)