Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007 Cliff's Notes

It's almost 2008. I can't even believe it. 2007 has been quite the year. I could never sum it up in one blog post! But now that I wrote that I feel compelled to mention some monthly highlights/lowlights. Seriously, I'm ridiculous.

  1. January- Major Hunk leaves for foreign soil. Dirty Job falls from a second story window and walks away unharmed. That day changed my life. I ran a 1/2 marathon. Not on that day, a different day.

  2. February- Hope was infused into my being as a child development specialists thinks that Deadliest Catch may not have autism, but rather is just a quickly developing boy that can't keep up with all areas of development.

  3. March- I turned 30. Cpt Mom, her BFF and I went on a roadtrip with 4 kids. To the Happiest Place on Earth. The BFF was pregnant. It was fun, in an absolutely insane sort of way. I loved it. A whole lot more than the pregnant BFF. I think Cpt Mom felt somewhere between the two of our opposite ends of the spectrum. A friend got engaged with the most giant diamond I've ever seen in real life. I coordinated the most stressful wedding ever and lived to tell about it. Cpt Mom and I started our journey of health and wellness (also known as a diet).

  4. April- My sister moved to TX in April. I got to go out there at the end of April to help her move from temporary housing into her TOTALLY ADORABLE apartment. She and I had an absolute blast and I fell in love with Texas.

  5. May- I got to see a dear, dear friend of mine that lives in Oklahoma. She and her 3 kids came to see me while I was in TX. I love her to pieces. She is such a great friend and I love that she knew me before I was married. And crazy with 2 kids.

  6. June- We took our family vacation to California. We stayed with my mom and dad and went to D-land and Cali Adventure. We also went to the Wild Animal Park. My Deadliest Catch got to go fishing and to a Dodger game. We had What Not to Wear's B-Day party.

  7. July- What Not To Wear turned 5, which was somewhat difficult for me - I think it made the fact that she was going to school very real. Which in turn made me very sad. I went to summer camp and was blessed beyond measure to spend time with some amazing teens. Cpt's BFF gave birth to a super adorable boy. Which was bad for me. And my yearning for a third.

  8. August- REST RETREAT - which had some socially awkward moments, but I did get my nose pierced! What Not To Wear started school, and Dirty Job and I were left to our own time from 8-2 daily. We filled it with therapy and gelato stops.

  9. September- My sister came out for a long weekend visit, we raised some money for autism research through Zoowalk, and we went to the Fall Festival at WNTW's school. It was still warm in September. Dirty Job got a new early interventionist that we ADORE (her last session with him is Wednesday ;-( ). We had an ID snafu on Cpt's birthday celebration which made me laugh my butt off.
  10. October- Got to take a quick trip out to Cali for a family visit that was much needed. Major came home for R&R, and we got to keep the Cutie for a couple of days. She was preciously precious, again not helpful for my desire for child#3. I also had a friend come to visit which left me feeling analyzed.
  11. November- Gelato place closed down. Mourning began. Giant ring friend got married ~ sweet, sweet ceremony. Had chocolate fountain that made my heart melt. Ran 10K with much improved time. Went to CA for Thanksgiving - full of special moments... and by special I mean frustrating. Black Friday shopping over the phone (THE BEST).
  12. December- Celebrated 8 years of marriage, Christmas programs, baking way too much, running way too little. Preschool evaluations, tears of joy and sorrow. Sweet statements from my 5 year old about the real meaning of Christmas...AND a Donny Wahlberg doll. Oh yes, you heard me correctly. I got a New Kids on the Block Donny doll. Don't hate, peeps. You know you want one.


CPT Mom said...

I love the rundown.
What a fun way to look back at the year.

So glad I have been able to spend the year trudging along with you guys!

Look out we come!