Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Reality Kick Off

Well, I was only able to watch part of the premiere of Clash of the Choirs. But, I know you are all just waiting to hear what I thought. I am sure you hardly slept a wink for all the checking of the blog to see if I had posted about it yet. Sorry to keep you waiting.

I liked the show. I will watch it if I am home, but I wouldn't change my plans to get there (not that I would ever do that just for a tv show:). I thought that Patti LaBelle's choir rocked the house. It does seem to me that they have may an unfair advantage being that she is Patti LaBelle and all. It made me laugh to see the two gray-haired people in Micheal Bolton's choir singing "Living on a Prayer". Really, Micheal, what made you think to turn that into a choir tune?? But, I am feeling very partial to Blake Shelton in this competition. He has 2 soldiers in his choir for heaven's sakes. I have a moral obligation to support him. Then there was the presentation to the Veteran's Administration for injured soldiers. I have no choice really. And, he's easy on the eyes :) As you can tell, there is a very complex equation that I use to decide who I will support.

So, that's my vote. I will be rooting for Team Shelton.

And, I am mucho excited to see the finale of The Biggest Loser tonight. I think Bill deserves the title. But, I will be excited if Julie takes it too. Mostly I can't wait to see them go home to their families. It makes me cry every time. I will have to call What Not to Wear after school so we can chat about this. Being that it is her favorite show and all. Even though I know who she wants to win. She has had a clear favorite for weeks. She is very dedicated to her choice and her girl may very well take it. If she does, I may need to add What Not to Wear's opinion into my complex "choosing a favorite to win" equation.

Happy Tuesday, all!


Amazing Racer said...

You crack me up.

I fell asleep and only saw a brief moment of the show. It was the host interviewing Michael. So, based on your summary I have to root for Michael's choir based on the fact that they sung Living on a Prayer and that is a Christian song, ya know.

I am totally and completely looking forward to tonight. In fact, I'm not going to book club because of it. I may even have WNTW take a nap so she can stay up late watching it. We should consier having a finale party. Complete with Ben and Jerry's. Because it's all about health.

Thanks for making me laugh this morning.