Tuesday, December 4, 2007

8 Year Anniversary Vows

To My Deadliest Catch,
Eight years ago I walked down that aisle with my eyes and heart focused on you. I had so many hopes and dreams, so many plans. Though some of those "plans" have changed, my love for you has grown in a way I truly never thought possible. This past year, you have stood out as a Man among Men. Walking through this year has allowed me to see what an amazing father and friend you are - to me. You bring such joy to my life and to the lives of our children. I can't believe I get to live this adventure with you!!! These are my eighth year vows to you.

I love you.
In the future there will be days when I don't want to.
I commit those days to our Father, as His love has been proven faithful.
I will honor our marriage covenant.
I will laugh at your dorkiness
Watch Star Wars even though I hate it
And give you a swift kick when you need it
I am your biggest fan.
I will ponder in my heart
All of the sweet, subtle ways you lead our family
In your quiet time prayers
In your gentle leadership
In your forgiveness
In the strength you offer me
In your loving parenting
The way you provide for us
The way you step in when I am overwhelmed
I will affirm you often.
I will not be a perfect wife
But I commit to being a work in progress
Walking forward in my relationship with the Lord
Healing wounds that have held me back.
I will take risks with you.
I will fail with you, I will succeed with you.
I will encourage you to walk out your dreams
I will dream.
I will love you loud
With lots of hugs and kisses
With looks only between us
I commit to our relationship above our children, family, and friends.
On this day I give you my heart again
I choose you again
and again.
I love you.
I wouldn't trade any part of the journey. Not even the flooded, mold-infested house with the dead fish.
Happy 8.


CPT Mom said...

That is beautiful.

Happy 8 years, my friends!

CPT Mom said...

""I wouldn't trade any part of the journey. Not even the flooded, mold-infested house with the dead fish.""

Now that is some serious love right there!!

Amazing Racer said...

It's the kind of love that borders on insanity...much like the rest of me!