Tuesday, October 23, 2007

You're so vain...

...You probably think this blog is about you...

Sorry, distracted by the tunes I'm singin in my head.

So, today I am taking my two kids to meet with another mom of a kindergartner that is in What Not To Wear's class. She has two kids, too. And let me just tell you...I am nervous as all get out, for 2 reasons that have nothing to do with one another.

#1- The first reason I am nervous is because I typically don't have to disclose alot of information about Dirty Job when I am first meeting someone. I think part of that is because once I make a statement like "Dirty Job has a diagnosis of autism," I quickly want to follow it up with a 15 minute explanation of how we hope he will "test out" of this diagnosis, of the progress he's made, of how he doesn't show most 'typical' symptoms of autism, etc. All of that can be information overload when you know me, not to mention if this is our first time hanging out.
Because we are meeting at the mall playground (which can be a difficult place for him sometimes - mostly with darting out of the play area) there is a good chance that I will have to share some information with her. She seems to be a sweet, sweet lady, but it's always nerve racking to be so vulnerable when you know nothing about a person. I just want us to all get along, because What Not to Wear and her child are great school friends! I know the Lord is calling me out in this area of my life, to be vulnerable and social outside of my comfort zone of friends, but still...I am nervous. I guess we'll figure it out real quick if we never are invited to hang out again!!! Not that that would be because of Dirty Job, but most likely because of his crazy mother.

Reason #2 is where my vanity comes in. Last weekend, What Not To Wear broke my MAC foundation compact that still had PLENTY of powder in it. At $25 a pop, you'd better believe I have to be frugal and wait to purchase such conceals-everything-riches. So I'll be hanging out sans foundation. Nothing says beauty like my newly caramel and red highlighted hair with new adorable bob haircut coupled with my acne ridden red blotchy skin. Apparently, the Lord is also stripping my hang up with outer beauty. You know, the 1/4 of an ounce of it that I have. (Seriously, ask Cpt Mom, I hardly ever wear makeup...in fact, I've been trying to "paint the barn" more so that my husband may appreciate my beauty as he did back in the days before we said "for makeup or no makeup.")

So there you have it. Me. Nervous. But going. Should be fun! In a stomach-turning-for-the-first-three-minutes sort of way.