Tuesday, October 2, 2007

News Flash

Umm, it's October. It could stop being so stinkin hot now. As in RIGHT NOW! We had a minor cooling trend, but it was just to trick me into thinking I could wear a long sleeve tee with shorts in the early am. Seriously, can I blame the young people for dressing immodestly when it's 87,000 degrees out? If I had a rockin bod, you'd better believe I'd at least be contemplating it, even if I never actually dressed that way.

And in other non changing life events...

Cpt Mom and I stayed up WAY TOO LATE last night. My humor maturity is at an all time low. I laughed as I talked. I couldn't complete sentences because I was cracking myself up for no reason at all. Maybe Cpt Mom dropped acid in the dinner she so wonderfully prepared yesterday. Everything was ridiculously funny to me. It's really embarrassing what she has to endure, ya all. One of our friends once speculated that we laugh so much to cope with stress, which I immediately dismissed. But last night at 2:15am I was up and pondering that statement, thinking about what that would mean for our friendship once Major Hunk gets back, because she'll be significantly less stressed (or just stressed in a million other ways, but I'm believing she will be less stressed). If the coping statement is true, we would essentially have to stop being friends. Because she would then realize VERY QUICKLY that I am, in fact, the poster child for what happens when people who should be in therapy don't actually go to therapy. All of her laughter with me would soon be directed at me for being a total whack job. Which I am, but she doesn't know that yet. She still finds humor in my mystalking ways and the way we talk about our favorite boggers like they are our BFFs.

Today ought to be a fun day to get through. It started with approximately 4 hours of sleep and a daughter who didn't want to wake up and then wanted to wear dirty clothes to school. We'll see how it goes once she's out of school this afternoon. The day could end up with me in the fetal position flapping/hugging imaginary people, laughing about farts.


CPT Mom said...

Ok...I am not sure I can even comment because I am laughing so hard!

Hold on...

Ok, I am back...

I love that we are friends. Just think: If we didn't have each other, there would be so many more socially awkward moments in our collective lives.

Thanks for being the friend who "gets" me. Thanks for being the friend who takes me as I am, immature and inappropriate humor and all. Thanks for always understanding the value of chocolate. And most of all, thanks for being the friend who travels this life with me.

Love you, My Friend!