Friday, October 5, 2007

We're coming out!

Yes, I know the title could be misconstrued, but it is what we're doing. We are putting a face to our writings. Later we'll put a more appealing face to our blogs, but for now, we chose a picture that reflects how we feel - a little too much for alot of people. Go ahead and begin envying out beauty now. This picture was taken at the thug wedding. Consequently, there was a ton of laughter and some SWEET moves on the dance floor. Yes, we can even create fun in the craziest of circumstances. We are literally the people you point and laugh at. The greatest thing about being us though, is that we don't care. We chicken dance, hand jived, electric slid and even added our own signature moves.


CPT Mom said...


Providing some comic relief into other's lives at our own expense. Just another public service we throw out there into this world.

Jenn Lynn said...

Love the picture! You guys are beautiful women and you make me laugh on a daily basis. =)