Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tossin out a Weigh In

First things first...why is it that I always feel the need to be munching on something when I am watching The Biggest Loser? Seriously. I did the same thing when Dr. Phil had his weight loss challenge. It's pretty ironic, don't cha think? And last night, I fell off my rocker, people. I had quite a few snacks. And by snacks, I mean peanut butter cups and general foods international fru fru coffee. I'm noticing more and more my poor choices post-dinner. I'm definitely a night snacker.I think I've identified some of the reasons why (I pigged out last night):
1. PMS
2. Stressful home stuff (more on that later)
3. Lack of self control (due to home stress)

So, those reasons will give me plenty of things to reflect on this week.

Aside from last night's episode, I've done fairly well. My parents didn't come out last weekend, so I wasn't overeating. The stats:

Last week's weight: 133.5
This week's weight: 133

Total weight loss: 35 lbs. YAY

The Cpt and I took our measurements on Sunday, and I was so completely excited for the both of us. Of course, I keep forgetting to get my new measurements when I go to her house, so I may never get around to posting them!!!

So this week my goals are:
1. Encourage Cpt. Mom - I KNOW she can achieve her 3 lb weight loss. She is going to feel great reaching the 25lb mark. Especially when she puts on her sexy dress to pick up hubs from the airport.

2. Drink water. I have been able to tell throughout the day and when running that I am not getting enough water in my body. This is, of course, VERY important, especially when training for 10K's and such. I'll cramp up if I'm not well hydrated.

3. Find time to do long run. The kids and I are going to see my parents on sort notice, so I have to carve out the time while in their beach city. I think I'm going to love running with the ocean view...

4. Don't pig out. Do go for frozen yogurt.


CPT Mom said...

35lbs!?!?! "," as Quincy would say.
Actually, I can believe it, because you look incredible! I am so proud of all the work you have done throughout your life. This has not just been a weight loss journey, but a life journey and you have made so many great choices along the way.

Keep it up, rock star!

Vaughanville Michele said...

Fantastic attitude.'s a thought about the your snacking. Sometimes I get up and walk in place while watching tv. Nothing too "exercisy", but it keeps my body busy and allows for less snack time. :-)

Keep up the GREAT work~!