Wednesday, October 3, 2007

TFTS Weigh In

Well, another week. I weighed in last night and discovered I had gained .2 lb. Really, I am happy with that. When I reflect back on the week, it was well earned. I did not write down my points most of the week, I made some poor choices and I upped my diet soda consumption by at least double- consequently, my water intake was about half. Oh and I did no exercise.

At our meeting last night, we discussed diets. Our leader was asking what do we think of when he says the word "diet"? These were the responses: starvation, deprivation, depression, temporary. As we discussed each of them, a conversation I had earlier in the week came to mind. It went something like this:
Me: "Wow, you are looking good, how much weight have you lost?"
Friend: "Only 15 lbs. I thought it would come off faster."
Me: "15 lbs. That's great. You haven't been doing this very long."
Friend: "A month. 15 lbs in a month."
Me: "Don't be frustrated, that is fast. Do you know how long is took me to lose 15 lbs?"
Friend: "Yeah, but you weren't eating cardboard."

I thought this was a great illustration of what I have been learning at Weight Watchers. The "diet thing" has really never worked for me. As soon as I tell myself, "You can't have this, this and this. You can only have this, this and this," I am doomed. I have a rebellious enough spirit that as soon as I hear "forbidden", I become focused. Focused on the food I am not supposed to eat. Pretty soon I am thinking about that food as my most favorite, can't live without it food. And then, the inevitable, I eat it, a lot of it. Then I feel like a failure and I go and medicate myself with more food. This is usually where my diets come to die.

I shared in a previous post about making lifetime, lifestyle changes. If I am in this for the long haul (which I am), it doesn't/shouldn't matter how long it takes me to get there. If I look at my goal weight as the finish line, I am destined to balloon back up again. Once I reach that, there is no need for hard work anymore...I will have arrived. So, all this to say that I am thankful that I have been able to stay focused on this being a lifetime commitment. Without that, I would be bitter about the slow weight loss, no matter how fast it was coming off.

Goals for this week:
Get back on my training program now that my foot seems to be doing better.
Get out my tracker. Write in it.
Get back to more water, less soda.

Beginning weight: 188.4
Current weight: 167.8
This week: +.2


ValleyGirl said...

I totally get into 'sabotage mode' too when I think diet. It actually often happens the day before weigh-in too, but this week I was VICTORIOUS!!! 0.2# is really not a whole lot, it might even just be water, but here's to a better week next week!!

Amazing Racer said...

This posts made me laugh. Like most things do these days.

I'm proud of you for the fight you've put into this journey. The lifetime reward will be great...a healthier you, a great example for your daughter and a hot bod on a Hawaiian beach!

Mama Bear June said...

Very much agree on the "diet" word. It's become such a negative word, which is why the author of the Abs Diet said he hated using the D word. And his isn't really a "diet" as we've come to think of it, it's a lifestyle of GOOD eating. And eating OFTEN! I love it and it's really working well for me. Hang in there, next week will be better. Sounds like you've got great goals for this week.
Path to Health

Jan B said...

I try to stick with Lifestyle Changes instead of diet. DIet sounds way too temporary.

Thea said...

It's funny how a little word like "diet" can be so catastrophic. I totally agree. I know I'm making good changes, but every once in a while the "can't"s and "shouldn't"s sneak in and those are the weeks I have gains!

Don't sweat the gain, good luck this week!