Saturday, October 6, 2007

food issues

I went out with a couple of friends last night for a most scrumptious dinner. We had a great evening of chatting, tropical fruit iced tea and food. The tropical iced tea at the Cheesecake Factory really is the best. As I bit into our shared meal, I had a moment. Really, I did. A moment in which I knew that I have some deep rooted food issues. I think the feelings I had toward that orange chicken was a little adulterous, people. Overall, I think I did pretty well with my eating. We had a super yummy dinner and some delicious cheesecake, but by splitting it 3 ways, I think I kept my points under control. I dipped into my extra weekly points, but as my leader says, "that's what they are there for". So, on one hand, I can see growth in food choices and portion control. But, on the other hand, I discovered I may need a little bit of therapy for my love of food.


Amazing Racer said...

For the love of food!

I am all too familar with that feeling of adultery with my meals. In fact, I'm contemplating a little rendevous with my lover, Starbucks right now.

We will reach freedom. For He does not bring up what He's not ready to change.