Thursday, September 13, 2007

What Not to Wear

What Not to Wear is my 5 year old kindergarten fashionista. She pretty much has more style in her pinkie than I do in my entire fashion history. She is my firstborn, my princess, whom I love "the morest." WNTW has long curly hair that she always wants to wear down. It's work to convince her to pull it back for gymnastics. She is rarely seen without a dress or skirt on (not that I let her cruise around naked...I mean she'll always choose a dress or skirt to wear). This girl cracks me up and warms my heart like no other. She is ALL drama ALL the time. Just this evening we were talking about her getting tubes in her ears, and she told me emphatically that she HAD TO be at school tomorrow because S wouldn't know where she was and B was gone today and she is the leader (of her 5 year old posse). Apparently my girl is second in command.

I listened to my girl talking to her dental hygienist today, and I was just DYING! Her spunky personality shone right through when she told the hygienist that she remembered all of the tools and her favorite is Mr. Thirsty. She was telling the hygienist how it was all going to go down, from the cleaning to the fluoride. Either she has a future in teeth (if that's the case, I hope she's a dentist...he spends approx. 35 seconds with us as he pokes a couple of teeth and says, looks good), or she's just ever so slightly choleric in her personality.

Most importantly, my girl loves the Lord. She loves Him with an inspiring faith and in her own amazingly personal ways. I am being stirred to be very intentional with teaching and growing her faith. There are some things I definitely want to implement into her life, like:
Weekly Family Devotionals
Serve Time (lessons in serving others)
More prayer
Mom and daughter time (intentionally planned)
Dad and daughter dates

Lord, thank you so much for this amazing daughter. I feel like I fail her so many times throughout the day. Help me to recognize each teachable moment in her life. Remind me of the gift she is when I'm in a frustrating moment with her. Help me to prioritize my list of things I want to implement and filter out my unnecessary desires. Grow her roots in You deep. Preserve her innocent heart and her fierce love for You. Show me how to serve well, so I can be an example of a pure heart. Let her see your unfailing love where my love is lacking. Allow her to see answers to her prayers as a testimony of your faithfulness. Keep her real and raw before you. May she never pick up the Christian mask. May she always dance before Your throne. You blew my world apart with her arrival, Lord. I never knew love could hurt so much. What a blessing you've given me. What a privilege. What grace. My heart is overflowing with gratitude for my girl.


CPT Mom said...

Love this girl!

She is the perfect compliment to your family. Her spunk and excitement and unchanging love is amazing!!