Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Week in the Life of the Racer

- Monday: Organized bathroom sinks and medicine cabinets. Not mine, of course, but someone Else's. Someone who pays me to do it. At my house, these things may never get done.

- Tuesday: Went to a bridal shower. Yummy food. Went and had gelato afterwards. Peed my pants in the parking lot from laughing so hard with Cpt Mom and her bff.

-Wednesday: Had Dirty Jobs follow up IFSP meeting. His coordinator thinks he's smart and possibly gets bored easily. We wrote some great, practical goals for him which made me hip, hip happy.

- Thursday: Directed a wedding rehearsal. Chaotic craziness at best. Bride still had a ton of things to buy and arrange before Saturday. I offered to help 872 times between that day and the past, oh, year or so.

- Friday: Found a pair of size 4 jeans that fit me for $10.99. I bought them and refrained from making them into a shrine. Cpt Mom suggested I leave the tags on, to share my PURE JOY with the world. These jeans are a fluke in the size, but they say 4 and I'm tellin anyone who will listen. And even if they don't want to, I'm still sharin the news.

- Saturday: Ran, Starbuck'd, compiled wedding music for way behind bride. Set up ceremony decor and reception decor, change into a pretty dress, did my makeup and had fun. I brought sexy back and chicken danced. I even did my signature dance move, which is quite a sight to see. I also exercised some self control by not bringing a gun to the ceremony, which is more than I can say for some other guest...the excellent thing that resulted from that mishap is that I was really drawn towards the throne room for the bride and groom because of that incident. Had there not been a breakout fight, I would not have lifted them up in prayer after their reception. They are heavy on my heart tonight, and I will be reminded to cover them in prayer over the next week as they enjoy a much needed honeymoon. More on this wedding later. Because there is the oh so important picture retake to talk about.


CPT Mom said...

Good perspective. I, too, will be praying throughout this week for their much needed time of connection and fantabulous Hawaiian goodness. And frankly, I am not sure I would have without this incident. The Lord knows, doesn't He??

You definitely did bring sexy back and you were looking mighty hot tonight!! Your hard work is really apparent.

And shouldn't each week bring enough laughter to cause a little peeing?!? I think so!