Monday, September 17, 2007

Randomness and Friendship

I have lots of things swirling in my head and so many things I want to write about. But, since it happens to be 4:28am, I am going to go ahead and blog about something that doesn't take too much brain power.

Some fabulous friends took me out this weekend for my birthday. If you know us as a group, you would find us amusing, if you don't know us, you would probably find us annoying. Anyway... It was an ordeal just trying to figure out what we were going to do. For the first few attempts, I am not sure if we even know who was making the plans. It was just kind of a hodge podge of ideas thrown out. Anyway, I digress. Ultimately, the Racer took the lead and planned a fun girl's night out for us. We were meeting at her house at 4:30 to take off for our evening. At 3:30 she called me to inform me that the restaurant I had chosen had apparently closed down and no longer existed. This made me laugh. We came up with an alternate plan. We met and had a fun time of eating, laughing and, of course, dessert. The chocolate meltdown cake was delicious...I refrained from licking my plate...but it was hard.

We needed to rush off to get to the bowling alley in time for our reserved lanes. We all piled into the truck and headed off to our local air force base. I am the only on with a military id, so we all needed to arrive together. We are listening to some sweet tunes, cruising down the road as my bff says to me, "Do you have your id?" Yes. "Are you sure?" (giving me a look that says I have been stuck with you one too many times while you dig around in that pit you call a purse). I (very sarcastically) say, "would you like to see it?" She says yes, so I very snotty-like pull out my wallet and open it. Of course it was not in there, like it always is, sending everyone into hysterical laughter. We had to come up with an alternate plan and had a fun time anyway.

The funniest part of this story to me is how a situation like this can shine a spotlight on our personality types. We are of course, different, but 2 of us tend to lean to the fun-loving, go with the flow attitude while the other 2 lean toward the, "how do you function in society with your lack of structure" attitude. While the Racer and I were laughing at my ditzy error, the other two were genuinely shocked at how such a thing could happen: How could I have left the house, knowing that we were going to the base, without double checking that I had my id?

This funny story has had me reflecting. I love that God makes us all different. I love that He can bring us together even when our differences say we will drive each other crazy. I love that they can laugh at our laid back attitude and we can laugh at their up tight approach. More than anything, I love that we can all laugh and celebrate together. Celebrate each one for the unique woman that God made us to be. Thank you Lord for the wonderful women you have brought and will continue to bring into my life. I wouldn't be the same without them to love me and challenge me to be better for You.


Jenn Lynn said...

Oh that sounds like a hilarious, fun way to celebrate your birthday. I'm so glad you got some "girls only" time with your friends. I laughed through the story the whole time, because I am just like you! =)

Amazing Racer said...

That moment, was indeed, truly AWESOME! I laughed so hard just reliving the moment.

I feel like you've had some draining days the last week and a half or so, so I hope you felt some relief having some time to celebrate you!

Whenever you get around to downloading the pics, let me know. Because we do need to come out of hiding.

holly said...

I'm sure you were referring to Racer as being the "uptight" one, cuz it surely couldn't have been me :) Good times, though and some very funny memories!