Thursday, September 20, 2007's been quite the journey, this improved health lifestyle. I keep thinking I've mastered some skills, and sure enough, they come back and bite me in the butt. These past six months are proving to be part of a long process. That shouldn't surprise me because it did take me 30 years to get that way...there is no quick fix.

I've realized that as I get closer to my goal weight, I am not as pleased as I thought I'd be with how my body looks. I think I had some unrealistic expectations. In an effort to be aware of my body image in a positive manner, I thought I'd note some shout outs that I'd like to throw out for my bod.

- Thanks for carrying my 2 babies. This is truly THE BEST thing you have ever done. Nothing could top that. Except carrying a third at a smaller size so I can wear those ADORABLE tight prego tops.

- Ladies, you nourished my kids. You endured soreness. You made it through being engorged. Not all ladies can do that, ya know.

- Hips, you don't lie, that's for darn sure. But you made it possible to birth those kids that I love so much. You also make me shaped like a woman. I like that I have curves.

-Stomach. You are flatter and firmer these days...I can feel the muscle behind you, omentum. You have stretched out when needed and bounced back when it was time. Way to be flexible.

- Arms. You have bicep definition...That is amazing. And even before that, you hold my kiddos. You allow me the strength to pick them up to comfort them. You provide me a way to embrace my husband. You are strong enough to push Dirty Jobs in the jogging stroller. THAT is STRONG.

- Thighs. You are the least forgiving area of my body. You are the part that's hardest to love. And yet, you carry me through the miles of jogging and walking week after week. You are slowly building up, and I am going to grow my patience and keep my resolve on treating you better by strengthening you and challenging you. You have helped me complete a half marathon. That's a long run!!!

I'm hoping this list will be one I reference back to on days when I feel fat or unbeautiful. Or like I want to blow $100,000 on plastic surgery. I want to appreciate and acknowledge the purposes this body, MY body has served, and will continue to serve. I hope to one day look in the mirror and love my body. Not because it's perfect, but because I have seen it for what God has made it to be.



CPT Mom said...

I love this post.

Well written.