Monday, September 3, 2007

Cleaning Fairy, WHERE ARE YOU??

So, pretty much I hate cleaning. Because of that, I avoid it at all costs. So it shouldn't surprise you that my house needs the following things done:

Sweep and mop kitchen floors
Clean off breakfast bar
Wipe down walls from random hand prints and yogurt throwing incidents
Vacuum carpet
Carpet clean downstairs carpet
Clean bathrooms: Downstairs + 2 Upstairs (one with separate tub and shower)
Vacuum hall, kids rooms, Master bedroom
Carpet clean above areas
Laundry x 10 loads
Put away laundry on couch
Clean off desk and TV unit

Did I mention that the above list all needs to be taken care of by 3pm tomorrow? I KNOW - I should be working on it. But because I hate it SO MUCH, I am procrastinating. Organized, clean-loving people of the world, how I envy you right now...

But I did get to have coffee with a friend today. For 4 hours. Because I am ALL about relationship.

Ooh, and if I haven't excited you enough with all above non-relevant to your life information, I'll leave you with this. Tomorrow morning I have to get What Not To Wear up and out to school, then I am going with other Freak Show mom for her son's first day of preschool drop off, then Dirty Job has 2 hours of therapy. So I really have between noon and 3 tomorrow to get all of my list done.

Oh wait, I remember something else to share...Cpt Mom has hired me to help organize some stuff. I'm still laughing over that. She is one TRUE friend to let me do that. Because, well, she's at my dirty, unorganized house a whole lot. She sees how, um, gifted I am in these areas.

Don't cha wish your life was as adventurous as mine?