Saturday, September 22, 2007

Change is a-comin'

All right. I want it to be known that I practiced some self-control today. No, not at the wedding where I ate the Chicken Cordon Bleu and mashed potatoes AND the cake. Definitely not there. Earlier. After our run this morning the Racer and I stopped for our Starbucks Light. Only they didn't make mine light. It was the one with the full-on calories. I had already sipped the triple chocolate goodness when the Racer informed me that mine was not made light...bummer. Did I want her to take it back for me?? Um, no. (This is obviously, still not the part about self control, but stay tuned.)

Here it is. I pulled into Target and after drinking less than half of my grande triple chocolate frappaccino, I threw it away. Threw it away, people!! I did exchange it for some Cherry Coke Zero. Now, you know, I am a big fan of the Cherry Coke Zero for sure. But, come on, there is not even a little chocolate in it which puts it in a whole different class.

So, these were my big accomplishments for the day: Throwing away afore mentioned deliciousness, trading it in for a much lower calorie choice even though it ranked much lower on the yummyness scale and walking/running 4 miles today. I even wore a new dress to the wedding and I felt much more like a woman than just a mom. Excellent.


Amazing Racer said...

Three cheers for you, Cpt. You looked hot and had self control. You brought sexy back tonight for sure!