Friday, September 14, 2007

And now, My Dirty Job

I remember giving birth to Dirty Job like it was yesterday. I distinctly remember thinking he had HUGE red lips, to the point of not even cute, but that was just birth trauma. I remember taking a couple of days to decide between what we named him and the name Jackson. I very much remember his wonderfully laid back, easily schedulable personality. The boy ate every 3 hours, was a cinch to nurse and slept through the night at 4 months when he was introduced to food. That, my friends, was love at first bite. He ate 2 jars at his first sitting. I remember my hubby was the one to feed him because I was out somewhere, and he called and asked if he should venture a third jar. That boy was so much easier as an infant than my girl. She had issues and I should've been medicated. I was worried about mothering a boy. After all, I am a girl. I understand moods and imaginative play.

I remember a few years back (before DJ was even a thought) going to a conference about special needs kids. They spoke to parents and to churches wanting to incorporate various programs into their church. I was going to support that effort at our church. We had a couple of special needs kids at our church and I wanted to know how to support them, and if we were going to incorporate some new things into our program, I wanted to be a part of that! I remember sitting at that conference admiring the strength of those parents, wondering how they walk out such a difficult life. I remember thinking that I could never parent a special needs kid as I lack the patience to do so. I remember my husband being jealous that Patrick Andrew was going to be singing there, but having no desire to learn more about special needs kids and some effective ministries to offer. My, oh my, what a few years with the Lord can do to your heart. How could I have ever been who I am today without my boy? The Lord has used DJ to grow my faith. He has used him to strip some unnecessary layers away. God uses him to remind me to appreciate the small things, like a kind gesture or a simple word. He has used DJ to speak hope into my life. I didn't realize how much hope I had been lacking...

I have big dreams for my precious boy. Different dreams than I did a year ago, but big nonetheless. I can't wait to see how God continues to use Dirty Job for His glory.

How I adore my handsome little boy. Seriously, people, he's a totally cutie. He is big for a two year old and he has the biggest smile EVER. He has adorable curls which are no longer there because he got a big boy haircut. His laugh is contagious and he finds humor in the silliest things. He loves animals and trucks. When he rides in Cpt Mom's truck he is in HEAVEN.

Lord, I'm so thankful that you know what the future holds for my son. Help me to cling to you in the moments of sadness as they come. Let me seek your face for every decision regarding my boy. Help me to be diligent in teaching him Your word and Your love. Continue to grow his vocabulary and give us the patience to wait for it! I can't believe that you trust me to be his mom. It is such a privilege. Give me grace for those who don't see him as a gift, for they don't recognize that he is Yours. I ask for peace as we navigate through the next few months and all the evaluations and systems that go with that. I pray for those who will encounter our amazing son ~ may they see how You have created him to be nothing short of amazing. May our testimony of our journey with DJ lead people to You.


CPT Mom said...

He knows just what we need. You all needed Dirty Jobs to round out your family.

His enthusiasm and energy propel him to love big. He is gonna rock this world for Christ...I just know it!