Wednesday, November 26, 2008

With Many Thanks:

Today officially kicks off the beginning of my Thanksgiving cooking. And I am so excited! I am have some new recipes that I am really excited about making. But, more than that, I love having people in our home. I love the food and the fun and most importantly, the love that goes into all of us being together. Now, don't get me wrong, there is always the potential for a healthy dose of social awkwardness (like in all areas of my life...), but I just love me some busy family time.

Some things I am thankful for this season, and always:

  • We have a family member coming tomorrow who has been unable to celebrate with us for about 4 years. We are so excited to have the whole family together this year!
  • The love of a God who pursues me even when I am too distracted to notice.
  • The love of a husband who loves me even more today than he did 6 years ago when he asked me to be his wife.
  • A little girl who wants to hug and kiss her baby and lifts my shirt to do so, often. She brings a smile to my face every day.
  • Family and friends who love me no matter how much I dork it up...
  • When my belly rubs up against something as I try to squeeze through a small space, reminding me of the life growing inside of me.
  • This recipe.
  • Our friend and roomate has come to join our family. We are so happy that she is here!
  • In three weeks, I will be in a cold state celebrating life and marriage and the birth of our Savior with family I haven't seen in over a year!
Happy Thanksgiving.
May it be a day filled with friends, family, food and fun.

And please join me as I pray for those who do not look forward to the holidays...


Amazing Racer said...

Much to be thankful for.

May social awkwardness elude you this Thanksgiving. And if it doesn't, well...get some good stories to tell me at the crack of dark for our semi-favorite holiday.